Using Videos & “YouTube Capture” to Fill Vacancies

Written on June 3, 2013 by , updated on May 2, 2016

YouTube Capture

YouTube Capture App

This article discusses the use of videos to advertise and promote your rental properties and find tenants.

Specifically, I review the benefits of using the “YouTube Capture” mobile app to make create, post, and share your videos.

A Virtual Walk-through

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FYI, I’m not affiliated with YouTube, nor do I get paid to promote them.  I just love this app.  You can download the YouTube Capture App for free from the iTunes App store.

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  • Al Williamson

    You inspired me:
    I couldn’t justify having the ability to increase my chances of a faster lease up and not taking action. I shot the 3 min video and YouTubed it. Painless.

    Thanks for kicking my bottom into action! I’m getting better qualified inquiries now.

    • Lucas Hall

      Hey Al

      I’m glad I could help. Your video looks great! Nice work my friend.

      • Al Williamson

        Dr. Hall,

        1. What do you think, should the video show details like the inside of refrigerators, stoves, and tubs? Applicants typically spend a minute looking these details over during their walk through. Do you think it’s better to have a short and sweet video or one that captures details?

        2. May I add to your list of benefits? Let’s add that you can put the link on your for rent sign as well. That way interested parties that see the sign can take a virtual tour before calling. Nice way to weed out the tire kickers, eh?

        • Lucas Hall

          Hi Al,
          Answer #1: I would highlight the best features of your rental in the video – while keeping it to approx 3 mins or less. If the best features are the inside your fridge, then show it off! In most cases for me, the inside of the fridge is disgusting until I have professional cleaners disinfect it – so I probably won’t open the fridge for most of my videos. I think a 1-2 minute video is probably better (short and sweet), rather than 3-5 minutes with details.

          Answer #2: Good idea, I’ve added to the list.

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