Year in review: the best of 2017

Written on January 4, 2018 by , updated on February 21, 2018

Welcome to the new year! We’re excited to welcome you back to another promising year. As always, we vow to bring you even more great resources and information, whether you’re a landlord or a renter.

2017 summary:

  • 4+ million unique visitors, up 50% from 2016
  • 16,600 average daily page views, up 49%
  • 8,171 comments, up 37%
  • ~10,000 webinar attendees!
  • 15,896 landlord guides downloaded, up 130%

That’s right, last year, more than 4 million people visited Landlordology and trusted us as a premier source for educational tools, guides, and state laws about renting. We couldn’t do it without you!

And we couldn’t do it without Cozy, the company that powers Landlordology. Cozy offers online rent payments, tenant screening tools, and online applications—all of which are for free for landlords. Cozy also had an outstanding year that included a bunch of new features many of you requested.

Without further ado, here are the best articles from last year, the pieces we think provided landlords and tenants with some of the most useful and informative knowledge in the industry.

Best articles of 2017:


Alarm System

Should landlords (or tenants) install an alarm system?

Learn some tips on best practices for installing an alarm system and about the basic alarm system types. It’s a perk that your tenants want, and you could get more rent for a property with an alarm system.


10 tips for converting your long-term rental into an Airbnb

A single-bedroom apartment that rents for $1,850 in touristy Santa Cruz, California, can fetch $150 to $200 or more per night during the summer as an Airbnb listing. Listing a long-term rental on Airbnb can increase its profit potential, but it’s important to consider all the pros and cons.


How to set the perfect rent price for your rental properties

Get a Cozy Rent Estimate to help you calculate rent prices with total confidence. Learn what factors effect rent prices.


15 ways a renter can show proof of income

Lack of funds is the number one reason for eviction, and you can avoid that by verifying income before they move in. This is a complete list of ways a renter can verify their proof of income. We also cover a basic rental affordability calculation to make sure a renter can afford the property.


Tenant not paying

5 things to do when a tenant stops paying rent

It’s a good thing to be understanding, but tenants need to realize that they need to pay rent on time, or they can’t stay. The first time rent is late, talk with your tenant.


Questions to Ask Yourself

4 essential questions to ask yourself when screening tenants

Most landlords want tenants to be “revealing, rich, reliable, and ready.” Learn about what questions you should be asking yourself.


10 thoughtful things to have in your short-term rental property

Ideally your short-term rental is a combination of function and style, but there definitely is a hierarchy to what’s expected.


Can a landlord terminate a lease early to sell the property or move in?

If the lease has a fixed-term, it applies to landlords and tenants. The tenant can’t break the lease early without being responsible for paying rent, unless and until you rent to someone else, and you can’t break the lease.


How long should appliances last?

Different appliances have different life expectancies, but on average, most last from 10 to 20 years. You can increase the service life of most appliances with regular maintenance and the odd repair.


Can I charge a renter for repairs if I do them myself?

Landlords can charge tenants for repairs only when tenants are liable for the repairs. If the landlord does the work, he or she should charge a competitive rate and provide a detailed statement when work is complete.


rental application

Who should fill out a rental application?

All adults who will be living in the rental property need to fill out a rental application. And sometimes, even adults who won’t be living there will also need to fill one out.



Avoid a lawsuit: top 4 reasons tenants sue their landlords

Nobody enters a landlord/tenant relationship with a lawsuit in mind. However, tenants and landlords sue each other all of the time, and usually for the same short list of reasons. Learn why tenants file lawsuits and how to avoid being sued.

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