How to easily track maintenance requests and repairs

Written on November 15, 2017 by

landlord appliancesProperty maintenance is a necessary part of managing rentals.

Whether it’s gutters full of leaves, broken toilets, leaky sinks, or dirty furnace filters, property maintenance is one part of a rental business that can’t be automated. But that doesn’t mean tracking those requests and communicating about them has to be difficult.

Now landlords and tenants can easily submit and track repairs and maintenance requests in Cozy.


Easily track maintenance

Tenants can request repairs quickly and easily in Cozy from any device. And landlords can create requests and update their tenants about the status of repairs.

By tracking maintenance in Cozy, landlords will have a well-documented history for their records, and they can track the expenses for each repair.

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Benefits for landlords

  • Get notified when tenants request maintenance and repairs.
  • Instead of juggling texts, phone calls, and emails, keep all your requests in one place.
  • Communicate with all the tenants in one household at the same time.
  • Create an official record of repairs, along with estimates, notes to yourself, pictures, videos, and conversations with tenants.

Benefits for renters

  • Submit maintenance requests from any device.
  • Attach pictures and videos to help your landlord understand what needs to be done.
  • Include your roommates in every conversation.
  • Easily follow up on the status of any repair.

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