Tenant move-out letter plus 2 other free templates

Written on August 7, 2018 by , updated on February 20, 2019

Your goal as a landlord is not only to have tenants but to keep tenants (the good ones anyway) as long as possible. But no matter how wonderful you are as a landlord, and how great your rental may be, there usually comes a time when your tenant needs to move.

When your tenant plans to move, you should make the move-out process as smooth as possible. This benefits you and your tenant—when your tenant knows what to expect, they’re more likely to meet your expectations. Here are some templates you can use when your tenants’ leases are about to end.

The lease renewal letter

If you want your tenant to sign a new lease, contact them about two months before the current lease is due to end. The purpose of the lease renewal letter is to find out what their intentions are and to explain what they need to do if they wish to continue to live in your rental.

Tip: This is the time to raise the rent if you intend to.

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Note: If you do nothing after the lease ends, and your tenant stays, your tenant becomes a month-to-month tenant.

Lease renewal letter template

Note: You don’t have to increase the rent. If you don’t want to, change that section to reflect the rent will remain the same.

2. The move-out letter

If your tenant decides not to renew and wishes to move, send them a move-out letter about a month before the lease ends. The purpose is to give instructions on what you expect of your tenant.

Move-out letter template

Note: This letter contains language about lease requirements. Make sure yours does as well before you include that.

3. Notice to pay rent or quit

If your current tenant missed a rent payment (or two), you probably shouldn’t invite them to renew the lease. In fact, you should send them a letter asking them to pay the rent ASAP or leave.

Notice to pay rent or quit template

Once you rent your property, you will hopefully have wonderful tenants who stay a long time. But since that isn’t always the case, you can still make things easier for everyone involved if you are proactive with your tenants by letting them know what the expectations are during move-out time.

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  • MaryLuv

    Starting in March I paid the rent twice a month instead of once a month. My rent is $1595..I paid $1200 on the 15th and $395 on the 30th. My landlord said that I was behind in payment because of this. Could someone explain this to me..I’m I behind in one months rent? There was never a month when I did not pay!! I am confused.

    • Laura Agadoni

      Hi MaryLuv,
      Did you get approval to pay on the 15th and 30th? If you didn’t get approval to wait until the 30th to get your entire rent paid, then maybe that’s what your landlord means by telling you that you’re behind. You need to get this clarified with your landlord.

  • Sammy bristol

    I’ve been given a N12 to vacate by Oct 31 2019. Unfortunately my ran out Sept 14, I cannot find work. I have applied for government assistance .

    Do I write a letter to landlord explaining that I am not able move on the date requested due to no income I am unable to find a place to live?? Or do I wait until they apply to the board ( landlord and tenant act)..

    Please advised what are my options
    Thank you

  • MissLandlord

    I have a month to month lease with my tenants. I need them to move out due to a family emergency and need my home for family. Is there a proper way to ask them to leave?

  • Kenya R Wimberly

    Iam having a problem with the upstairs neighbor stomping jumping fighting I reported several times i can’t take it anymore can I break my lease

  • Lease

    We have a tenant who has not paid rent since January 2020 and only paid half of it. We did eviction notice court date is soon. But now he has also pets and trash was thrown out into the common area of our neighborhood and HOA has complained. Pets were not in the contract to have in home. Need help what can I do?

  • Cynthia

    I need advice about telling someone they have to leave because they’re not on my lease

  • Doodle

    How do I go about getting my son’s girlfriend out of my rental home, that needs renovations before I can actually rent it for extra income. She has lived there now 6 years and never had to pay rent. My son does not live in this house. I’ve asked her numerous times about leaving with no success. I retired last year and now need the extra income to help with expenses. She has never paid rent, or any utilities. Plus I pay the insurance and taxes each year that continue to go up. Please advise me on what to do or how to write her a letter to send registered mail. Thank you for your time.

  • Michelle Johnson

    Our complex has installed a cable company of their choose to provide services for their tenants. Two problems about this, first we were already with a cable company some with contracts some without but love their own choose of services. So the Apartment Complex has added a extra fee to our rent for their cable services. I’m not using the Apartment”s services. I received a letter on my door saying I owe $30 for July and starting October add $50 more attached to rent for cable. Can they force the tenants to go with their service and discontinue the cable company they like. It’s in a lease agreement but it was not up and running when I sign my renewal lease. They told me not to worry about it. What can I do about this? Please help

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