Tip #11

Never Accept Rent from a Non-Tenant

Written on October 1, 2012 by , updated on June 7, 2014

  1. rent-from-nontenantsDo not collect rent from a tenant who unlawfully stays in your property after a lease has expired, and has refused to leave.
    By accepting any rent money, you could be entering into an extension of the previous lease.  At the very least, by doing so, you are accepting a month-to-month rental agreement.
  2. Do not collect rent from someone not on the lease.
    Often, a parent or a friend will try to make a rent payment on behalf of the tenant.  If the third party would like to help pay rent, they either need to give the money to the tenant, or they should put their name on the lease as a co-signer.
photo credit: Mike Schmid via cc
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