Nevada Rental Laws

Written on November 19, 2012 by , updated on August 8, 2018

State Flag of NevadaThis article summarizes some key Nevada Landlord-Tenant laws applicable to residential rental units.

We’ve used the Official State Statutes and other online sources cited below to research this information and it should be a good starting point in learning about the law.

With that said, our summary is not intended to be exhaustive or a substitute for qualified legal advice. Laws and statutes are always subject to change, and may even vary from county to county or city to city.

You are responsible for performing your own research and complying with all laws applicable to your unique situation.

If you have legal questions or concerns, we recommend consulting with the appropriate government agencies and/or a qualified lawyer in your area. Your local or state bar association may have a referral service that can help you find a lawyer with experience in landlord-tenant law.

Nevada has not adopted the Uniform Residential Landlord & Tenant Act (URLTA).

Official Rules and Regulations


Security Deposit:

  • Security Deposit Maximum: equal to 3 months of rent (NRS 118A.242(1))
  • Security Deposit Interest: No Statute
  • Separate Security Deposit Bank Account: No Statute
  • Pet Deposits and Additional Fees: No Statute
  • Non-Refundable Fees: Landlord must disclose and explain any non-refundable fees (which are allowed for cleaning) in the lease agreement. (NRS 118A.242(8))
  • Deadline for Returning Security Deposit: 30 days after lease termination/Tenant moves out (NRS 118A.242(4)(5))
  • Require Written Description / Itemized List of Damages and Charges: Yes (NRS 118A.242(4)(5))
  • Record Keeping of Deposit Withholdings: No Statute

Lease, Rent & Fees:

  • Rent Increase Notice: 45 days or, in the case of any periodic tenancy of less than 1 month, 15 days in advance of the first rental payment to be increased (NRS 118A.300)
  • Late Fees: No Statute
  • Prepaid Rent: No Statute
  • Returned Check Fees: No Statute
  • Tenant Allowed to Withhold Rent for Failure to Provide Essential Services (Water, Heat, etc.): Yes (NRS 118.355)
  • Tenant Allowed to Repair and Deduct Rent: Yes (NRS 118.355)
  • Landlord Allow to Recover Court and Attorney’s Fees: No Statute
  • Landlord Must Make a Reasonable Attempt to Mitigate Damages to Lessee, including an Attempt to Rerent: Yes (NRS 118.175)
  • Hold-over converts to Month-to-Month: Yes, unless tenant pays weekly, then it converts to Week-to-Week

Notices and Entry:

  • Notice to Terminate a Lease – Yearly Lease: No Statute
  • Notice to Terminate a Lease – Month-to-Month: 30 days (NRS 40.251)
  • Notice to Terminate a Lease – Week-to-week: 7 days (NRS 40.251)
  • Notice of date/time of Move-Out Inspection: No Statute
  • Eviction Notice for Nonpayment: 5 days (NRS 40.2512)
  • Eviction Notice for Lease Violation: 5 days, but must fix the issue within the first 3 days or Landlord can file for eviction. (NRS 40.2514NRS 40.2516)
  • Required Notice before Entry: 24 hours (NRS 118A.330)
  • Entry Allowed with Notice for Maintenance and Repairs (non-emergency): 24 hours (NRS 118A.330)
  • Entry Allowed During Tenant’s Extended Absence: No Statute
  • Notice to Tenants for Pesticide Use: No Statute
  • Emergency Entry Allowed without Notice: Yes (NRS 118A.330)
  • Lockouts Allowed: No (NRS 118A.390)
  • Utility Shut-offs Allowed: No (NRS 118A.390)

Disclosures and Miscellaneous Rules:

  • Tenant has the right to display the flag of the United States of America (NRS 118A.325, NRS 118A.200)
  • Landlord must include verbiage in the lease that summarizes the rule NRS 202.470 – Maintaining or permitting nuisance: Penalty (NRS 118A.200)
  • Landlord must provide a completed move-in checklist stating the inventory and condition of the dwelling at the time the tenant takes possession. (NRS 118A.200)
  • Landlord must inform the Tenant in writing, if the property is subject to a pending foreclosure. (NRS 118A.200)
  • Landlord must explain, in the Lease, the conditions upon which the deposit will be refunded. (NRS 118A.200)
  • Other than normal wear, the premises will be returned in the same condition as when the tenancy began. (NRS 118A.200)
  • Special Protections for Domestic Violence Victims: Lease termination and other rights (NRS 118A.345)
  • Examples of retaliation include filing an eviction lawsuit, terminating a tenancy, refuse to renew, increasing the rent, or decreasing services. (NRS 118A.510)
  • Retaliation is assumed if the Landlord takes such action after Tenant complains to the landlord about unsafe or illegal living conditions. (NRS 118A.510)
  • Retaliation is assumed if the Landlord  takes such action after Tenant complains to a government agency, such as a building or health inspector, about unsafe or illegal living conditions. (NRS 118A.510)
  • Retaliation is assumed if the Landlord takes such action after a Tenant joins or organizing a tenant union, for the purpose of presenting his/her views. (NRS 118A.510)
  • Retaliation is assumed if the Landlord takes such action after Tenant exercises a legal right allowed by your state or local law. (NRS 118A.510)

Court Related:

Business Licenses:

  • Business License required: No state-wide statute, but local cities and counties may have regulations and requirements.  Check with your local governing authority.
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  Laws & Regulations

1,085 CommentsLeave a Comment

  • Rudy Esquivel

    I’ve been living in my home for 10 years and my landlord decided to put the house up for sale he gave us a 30 day notice no cause eviction notice what are my rights and what can I do, and do I have to pay rent for the last 30 days or 60 days that I stay in my home

    • Tartu21

      Yes you have to pay rent for the last 30 or 60 days if you live in the house. Why would you think you don’t have to? The only reason you may not have to pay last month’s rent is if you paid it when you moved in. You would have to check your lease. The landlord has the right to sell their property whenever they want to particularly if you are on a month to month lease agreement. Unfortunately that is always the possibility when you rent. Nothing is for ever.

  • Amy

    My bathroom is leaking from upstairs unit the rental property start fixing it … And we don’t have a shower for almost 3 weeks can I deduct the inconvenience from my rent

    • Your landlord has to provide you essential services under NRS 118(a)

      The landlords under NRS 118(a) required to provide essential services

  • William

    Last Aug. 2017 I was given 30 day notice of a hundred dollars rent increase but I had a 6 month rent lease on my apartment in Carson City, Nv. I still had one more month under my 6 months lease, so they changed the date to increase rent on Oct. 1, 2017 but now with only a month to month lease on the apartment that I was renting, and would not offer a 6 month lease, but only a month to month.
    Now again in May 14, 2018 the Apartments complex now has two options to choose from. Option one it want to increase rent again by $80.00 more but to sign you into a 12 month lease and the other option two is to increase your rent by $130.00 more with a month to month lease. July 1, 2018 increase date. Whats the law on rent increasing amounts in CC

  • Dave

    I just recently rented to someone and gave them a one year lease . The tenants are in their second month of the lease term . I was approached by an investor wanting to purchase the property at a price I may not want to refuse. What are my options for terminating the lease?

    • Bryan K

      Not sure if this is too late for you but in LV the new purchaser must honor the existing lease at the terms of the lease. You can always offer the tenant a buyout and see if they accept. If it’s an investor looking to buy they may be happy that there’s a tenant already in there paying rent.

  • Elaine Fazendin

    I live in an apartment that has recently had 2 separate pit bull attack’s, I want out of my lease, my family does not feel safe here. Can I break my lease without having to pay a penalty or the remaining rent?

  • bree moore

    I have a broken window in a very old building.we agreed to pay for damges…ok fine… Now i open my front door and BOOM the other window frame and all falls straight out of window should i have to pay

  • Vera

    What are my rights? I’m a tenant renting a condo in Nevada my owner lives out of state my owner is selling the condo (ok fine), my current lease isn’t up until September 31, 2018 My question is what are my showing rights as a tenant? here is what my current lease reads “inspection” section “At all reasonable times during the term of this Lease and any renewal of this lease, the landlord and its agents may enter the property to make inspections or repairs, or to show the property to prospective tenants or purchasers in compliance with the act” It also states During the last 30 days of this lease, the landlord or the landlord’s agents will have the privilege of displaying the usual “For Sale” or For Rent” or vacancy sign on the property.

    • ERIC

      Its all based on how your lease is set up, but with the info you already provided. you basically are required to let the prospective buyers with 24-hr notice and viewing is within reasonable hours.

    • Your landlord has to provide you essential services under NRS 118(a)

      The landlords under NRS 118(a) required to provide essential services

  • Missy

    Hi. My Sis just moved from a rental home in an upscale community. Landlord man/wife have been great for the 3yr tenancy & Sis was amazing to them too. Sis just bought a house (husband passed) & told them she would be moving at end of annual lease. Upon mutual agreement, it was decided that she would remain (signing a new 1yr lease at their insistence) to give Sis/them another month to move forward. Agreed that, upon re-rental, landlords would release her from all responsibility. Although landlords denied 2 Apps, new tenant moved in 9 days into new month after Sis vacated. Asked for return of SecDep & landlord deducted $1326 for new leasing co.’s help & $200 travel from their home to inspect property (we weren’t aware!). Doesn’t seem fair.

  • Dominic Grella

    My landlord decided after living in the house that I rent , after 9 years , that he wants to sell the house. He did not give me a written notice. He sent me a text a week before that he is going to put the house on the market. Then a week later the realator called me. The realator said that they need to take pictures of the inside of the house for the listing. I am uncomfortable with having all of my personal belongings being displayed on the internet for the listing. What are my rights as a tenant ,this is an invasion of my privacy.


    • Rosa

      We are in the same boat . I felt a total violation of privacy but I feel that as tenants we don’t have so many rights. Nd 30 days isn’t enough to find a new place.

  • Nikki B

    I was asked by a friend if I wanted a roommate cause I got behind on property taxes, my mom had just passed which left me without anyone to lean on do I agreed. When we met before moving in we became FWB for a min
    Off and on. $400 for a room was about all he could do at the time. Fine purchase or pitch in for food ok good. House is paid off bills, HOA, prop taxes. 6 yrs later we talked and agreed to 1/2 all the bills and groceries agreed. He met girl and became extremely hostile to me mental, verbal, financial, emotional abuser. Traits if NPD narcissistic won’t pay rent has me strapped worse than one should be ever, drugs damages to home and has not dine repaires as promised over these 6 yrs.. in Nevada what can I do I’ve missed muchwork

  • Valerie

    I am trying to settle my deceased sisters estate, and she’s rented a home in Las Vegas. She was 53, and kept the place very clean. The company for the owners is charging $250 carpet cleaning & $200 house cleaning, in the lease it says $300, clean out landscape $475, $120 for master bath faucet cartridge. I am not in agreement, and asked if I could see the receipts for these bills, and she said it was against their policy to share copies of receipts with tenants for for those charges they do on behalf of the owner. Nor are the charges up for negotiations. Do I have any rights to see those? I just feel I Amy being taken advantage of.
    Thank you!

    • Bryan K

      Did you conduct a move out walk through inspection with the landlord/prop mgt company to go over any issues and/or damages? Look at your lease to find out how services/charges are assessed or required. Did you take pictures when you moved out? They don’t have to show you receipts for what they paid, but charges have to be within industry standards for the type of service/repair provided. I they are excessive you can dispute them although from the charges you listed they do not seem excessive. Depends on the size of the house and the state it was in when she moved out. $200 for house cleaning is very very reasonable. $250 for carpet cleaning may not be excessive & $120 for a cartridge is well within standards. Sorry

  • Lisa

    I’m not sure why I need to pay Landlords liability insurance when I’m not a landlord nor do I own the building but I do carry renters insurance….can you clarify this for me to better understand if I’m obligated to pay this??

  • CeCe

    Does an owner of a tenant occupied condo in Nevada have to provide written notice to the tenant of his intent to sell before agents are allowed into the premises? If so, what is the length of time (I believe that it’s 120 days in CA, but Nevada may be different?). Also, does an agent have to give 24 hours notice to the tenant before they can show the unit?

  • MM1

    I live in an apartment complex in Henderson, Nevada. My lease is up on July 31st and the complex requires a 60 notice. I thought that I was doing my due diligence by contacting the complex on May 15th, so that I would have plenty of time to make any decisions. They informed me that they require a 60 notice, but would not provide me with my options (rent and lease terms) until about 45 days before my lease is up. How am I supposed to make an informed decision if I am not given my new terms in time? Can they do this?

  • Popoya

    I live in Las Vegas,NV and I am moving out. The property management company wants me to move out, give them the keys, then come back to perform the final walk through. I don’t feel comfortable with that because they are knows to be dishonest and nickel dime people on security deposit. The risk for me here is that they can come back to the house, make bogus damages while I’m no longer here then charge me for it even though I didn’t do it. By NV laws, are they allowed to do that? Everytime I rented before. The walk through is done, itemized damages if any, noted on a form, if I agree, I sign, inspector signs and then I give the keys and the lease is closed. Do I have the right to tell them I will only give the keys after the walk through?

  • Shana

    My question is this. We purchased a manufactured home that we are making payments on. The land did not come with the house and we pay a lot rent. When we moved in we were told we could have chickens, ducks, and other such birds so we have chickens, ducks, and 2 geese. Recently the land was sold and now the new owners are saying we have to get rid of the ducks because they are not allowed per the NRS. We did look at that and the birds are considered “livestock” and the new lease does not say that we cannot have them.

    Because we had them prior to the new lease/owner are they grandfathered in? Do we still have to get rid of the ducks? They are pets and we sell their eggs to supplement our income. Also there was no lease prior to now.

  • Amanda

    I was gone on a family trip for 3 days, and when I arrived home I realized our A/C was not turning on. I have now been without a/c for 2 full days and my upstairs is at 105 degrees and its 9:34 p.m. the realty company sent a repair man and he said our ac is completely done for. we called the realty co. and asked if they could put us in a hotel they said they would not pay but they might reimburse us and we could not take it off our rent. so we asked what if we buy ac units and they said once again they will not pay or reimburse us or take it off the rent. I don’t know much about the Nevada laws we moved here a yr. ago and this is not the first complaint with the realtor either. please help. is there anything we can do I have 2 small kids.

  • Shane Henderson

    I’ve been renting a low income apt in Nevada since 2015.everyone is being temporarily relocated for rehab on unit has a/c and she is wanting to put me in a unit without a/ I have to accept it?Do I have any say in where I go

  • Jenn

    The main water line to our rented home had a major leak. My front yard was completely torn up. Repairs are complete but my water bill is 3 x normal over $1,100 am I the tenant just stuck with this bill, as it is in my name?

  • Crystal Cannon

    My apt rent is paid to a California rental agency. I have receive notice that rent will increase from $500 a month to $600 due to increasing taxes and carrying charges. The agency fell to list what taxes or carrying charges they were talking about also is a California rental lease valet in the state of Nevada. Thank you


    • Tartu21

      The apartment (property) is in Las Vegas so it is irrelevant if you pay the rent to a California rental agency. Taxes, insurance etc have all gone up in Las Vegas the past 12 months and if your lease is over or renewing they can increase the rental amount whatever they like. They don’t have to justify to you why they are increasing your rent. FYI $500 and $600 per month is very cheap!

      • CRYSTAL cannon

        The property is not in Las Vegas it is in Reno NV. My question was aren’t they suppose to outline what the taxes are and what is a carrying charges. I do understand that the rent is cheap but people still want to know what they are paying for also I has you is a California lease good in the state of Nevada. Thank you

        • Tartu21

          There are a lot of costs involved including taxes, insurance, interest on bank loan, repairs, sewer, trash. They don’t have to list all of these charges when they increase your rent.

          • Tartu21

            Im not sure about California lease bring value in Nevada but a lease is just a contract. If both parties sign contract it is binding whether or not it is Cali or Nevada lease.

          • Tartu21

            Im not sure about California lease brewing valid in Nevada but a lease is just a contract. If both parties sign the contract it is binding whether or not it is Cali or Nevada lease.

  • rima

    We rented a 2 story house managed by an evil property mgmt co. We leased it March and left LA to move to NV to moe in on April 2. That morning I had a stroke. We moved in and I started falling down the stairs 3-4 times a day. I was hospitalized for a stroke. We tried to live with the stairs for a few mos. but it was too dangerous. We told the mgmt co we needed to end the lease early and move to a 1-floor house. Our doctor sent them a letter and hospital records. They wouldn’t let us break the lease. We didn’t pay the rent on time for 5 days. They evicted us! We were homeless in 116 heat. Is there a law in NV that a landlord has to end a lease for any 60+ tenant for medical reasons? We are 73 & 84! Is this elder abuse too?

    • Allan


      I am sorry to hear about this. At the courthouse in Las Vegas there is a self help center. I believe the address is 200 Lewis and there is no charge for their assistance. I believe there is something in Nevada Law regarding tenants over 60 but the self help center is the best place to check.

      • Rima

        Thank you Alan. I’ll look into it. There are so many other things they did to us that were awful and we suspect illegal. We think we can sue them.

        • Allan


          I am not advocating or suggesting you sue anyone. I am only pointing you in the direction of some possible assistance. Thanks and good luck.

          • Rima

            I agree. We just want to move on with our lives. I did find the answer to my question on the website of the self help center you suggested. If a tenant is 60+ and they have to move to another place for their safety or medical treatment, then the landlord must let them break the lease if they provide doctors’ letters affirming the disability and the need to move.

  • Louis

    My daughter rents a condo with a garage, The Owner uses a management Co. A garage door spring broke and cannot access the garage and they are giving her the run around on getting it repaired. If she gets it repairs on her own can she withhold from rent total with sending a copy of the repair to them or will she need to pay full rent and fight to get paid back for the repair? Per her contract anything below $100.00 is her.

    • Tartu21

      I would check if your daughter can pay for repairs and be reimbursed for the repairs or ask if she can deduct the repair from the rent after presenting the receipt. I wouldn’t deduct without asking first. I don’t think she should have to pay the first $100 for something like this.

  • Topsy Kret

    I moved in on August 27th and my complex changed management 2 days later on the 29th.
    Several things were wrong with the apt
    water heater cracked an leaking
    stove broken after two days
    sink broken
    shower sprays water everywhere
    the list goes on…
    I went in to speak with them about these problems and to gain a second copy of my lease and they don’t have my lease. They’re now asking me to sign a new lease but aren’t I still legally bound to my lease even though they switched management?

    There is definitely something wrong here at my complex the staff is completely incompetent and they have no empathy for their tenants. No hot water for week and a half cant bathe my kids its a damn shame. I have two three month old twins

  • Brigitte Saunders

    I just moved out of an apartment complex after 3 and a half years. My lease was up September 13. I actually moved out on the 9th so that I could make sure everything was nice and clean. I did ny walk through with two of the maintenance ladies, who said the place looked great (minus three little spots on the carpet). So i felt real confident that i would get my $500 security deposit back. I received an disposition in the mail stating that i owed them $908. $390 pet fees (which I’ve never had a pet) $433 carpet replace, and $85 cleaning fee. I confronted the property about these bogus charges, and I was told they had to get back to me, because they hire people to do these dispositions, and didn’t know what I was talking about. I am very upset

  • Marilyn Leato

    Is there any law or statue in Clark County, Nevada that has occupancy limits for the rental of a 2 bedroom apartment?

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