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State Flag of NevadaThis article summarizes some key Nevada Landlord-Tenant laws applicable to residential rental units.

We’ve used the Official State Statutes and other online sources cited below to research this information and it should be a good starting point in learning about the law.

With that said, our summary is not intended to be exhaustive or a substitute for qualified legal advice. Laws and statutes are always subject to change, and may even vary from county to county or city to city.

You are responsible for performing your own research and complying with all laws applicable to your unique situation.

If you have legal questions or concerns, we recommend consulting with the appropriate government agencies and/or a qualified lawyer in your area. Your local or state bar association may have a referral service that can help you find a lawyer with experience in landlord-tenant law.

Nevada has not adopted the Uniform Residential Landlord & Tenant Act (URLTA).

This research and information is current as of November 15, 2012.

Official Rules and Regulations


Security Deposit:

  • Security Deposit Maximum: equal to 3 months of rent (NRS 118A.242(1))
  • Security Deposit Interest: No Statute
  • Separate Security Deposit Bank Account: No Statute
  • Pet Deposits and Additional Fees: No Statute
  • Non-Refundable Fees: Landlord must disclose and explain any non-refundable fees (which are allowed for cleaning) in the lease agreement. (NRS 118A.242(8))
  • Deadline for Returning Security Deposit: 30 days after lease termination/Tenant moves out (NRS 118A.242(4)(5))
  • Require Written Description / Itemized List of Damages and Charges: Yes (NRS 118A.242(4)(5))
  • Record Keeping of Deposit Withholdings: No Statute

Lease, Rent & Fees:

  • Rent Increase Notice: 45 days or, in the case of any periodic tenancy of less than 1 month, 15 days in advance of the first rental payment to be increased (NRS 118A.300)
  • Late Fees: No Statute
  • Prepaid Rent: No Statute
  • Returned Check Fees: No Statute
  • Tenant Allowed to Withhold Rent for Failure to Provide Essential Services (Water, Heat, etc.): Yes (NRS 118.355)
  • Tenant Allowed to Repair and Deduct Rent: Yes (NRS 118.355)
  • Landlord Allow to Recover Court and Attorney’s Fees: No Statute
  • Landlord Must Make a Reasonable Attempt to Mitigate Damages to Lessee, including an Attempt to Rerent: Yes (NRS 118.175)
  • Hold-over converts to Month-to-Month: Yes, unless tenant pays weekly, then it converts to Week-to-Week

Notices and Entry:

  • Notice to Terminate a Lease – Yearly Lease: No Statute
  • Notice to Terminate a Lease – Month-to-Month: 30 days (NRS 40.251)
  • Notice to Terminate a Lease – Week-to-week: 7 days (NRS 40.251)
  • Notice of date/time of Move-Out Inspection: No Statute
  • Eviction Notice for Nonpayment: 5 days (NRS 40.2512)
  • Eviction Notice for Lease Violation: 5 days, but must fix the issue within the first 3 days or Landlord can file for eviction. (NRS 40.2514NRS 40.2516)
  • Required Notice before Entry: 24 hours (NRS 118A.330)
  • Entry Allowed with Notice for Maintenance and Repairs (non-emergency): 24 hours (NRS 118A.330)
  • Entry Allowed During Tenant’s Extended Absence: No Statute
  • Notice to Tenants for Pesticide Use: No Statute
  • Emergency Entry Allowed without Notice: Yes (NRS 118A.330)
  • Lockouts Allowed: No (NRS 118A.390)
  • Utility Shut-offs Allowed: No (NRS 118A.390)

Disclosures and Miscellaneous Rules:

  • Tenant has the right to display the flag of the United States of America (NRS 118A.325, NRS 118A.200)
  • Landlord must include verbiage in the lease that summarizes the rule NRS 202.470 – Maintaining or permitting nuisance: Penalty (NRS 118A.200)
  • Landlord must provide a completed move-in checklist stating the inventory and condition of the dwelling at the time the tenant takes possession. (NRS 118A.200)
  • Landlord must inform the Tenant in writing, if the property is subject to a pending foreclosure. (NRS 118A.200)
  • Landlord must explain, in the Lease, the conditions upon which the deposit will be refunded. (NRS 118A.200)
  • Other than normal wear, the premises will be returned in the same condition as when the tenancy began. (NRS 118A.200)
  • Special Protections for Domestic Violence Victims: Lease termination and other rights (NRS 118A.345)
  • Examples of retaliation include filing an eviction lawsuit, terminating a tenancy, refuse to renew, increasing the rent, or decreasing services. (NRS 118A.510)
  • Retaliation is assumed if the Landlord takes such action after Tenant complains to the landlord about unsafe or illegal living conditions. (NRS 118A.510)
  • Retaliation is assumed if the Landlord  takes such action after Tenant complains to a government agency, such as a building or health inspector, about unsafe or illegal living conditions. (NRS 118A.510)
  • Retaliation is assumed if the Landlord takes such action after a Tenant joins or organizing a tenant union, for the purpose of presenting his/her views. (NRS 118A.510)
  • Retaliation is assumed if the Landlord takes such action after Tenant exercises a legal right allowed by your state or local law. (NRS 118A.510)

Court Related:

Business Licenses:

  • Business License required: No state-wide statute, but local cities and counties may have regulations and requirements.  Check with your local governing authority.
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892 CommentsLeave a Comment

  • Mindee D

    I have a question. if there was no last paid but the first,deposit, & an extra 500.00 was paid in advance, would they kick me out for not paying may 2016. i gave 30 days 45 days ago. they also said they would charge me 500.00$ for breaking the lease, which was up in sept 2016 ( although they just got a tenant in 2 days moving in june 1) i am willing to forgo the deposits to not make my may payment. house is in excellent shape, as the property management showed it
    thk u in advance

  • Nancy

    Hi I was out of town for the weekend and monday morning the apt put out a notice that they would be resurfacing the parking lot on tues morning. I did not return until tues afternoon to find my car towed. Is this legal? I had to Payout $250 to remove my car from impound at the tow yard

  • melissa

    Where can i find the laws on damage a apt is trying to charge me for.

  • Austin Caufield

    I have lived in this same unit for 8 years….I have asked for new carpet and fresh paint? they tell me it’s not happening? I thought the law was they had to paint after 3 years and put new carpet in after 7 years?

  • Brian Mastrangelo

    I would like to know the Law on if the leasing agent in multiple telephone did not disclose that there will be an additional fee for “Pet Rent” which by the way it ridiculous it its self, and gave me a total price 3 times with out including the fee. And then sent the lease with that fee added. Is that legal?

  • Ijarah Johnson

    I have been staying in an apt since November last year.her and my son has an apartment in the same complex. I was paying her rent directly to her and from my understanding she paid the office. I have bills in my name, keys to the apartment, and she has never stayed in the unit. I have all my things are here. Last Thursday my son came to me and told me that I had to move by Sunday. I went to talk to the manager yesterday and the unit is a St. Jude’s unit, the only one in the complex and they found out that I was here. By the 9th I’m to be out my son’s saying buy the mgr said she would contact me when they heard from St Jude’s. I can’t be out on this short notice. What happens if I am not out by the 9th. What is the legal eviction process.

  • Dawn

    Hello! We have paid our rent in full by the date required. We just got a notice to quit because our water, trash and sewer was not paid on this date as well. We don’t believe it has to be paid with rent or that hou can be evicted for non-payment of water, trash and sewer by such date?

    • Lucas Hall

      Hi Dawn

      What does your lease say? If they are claiming that you are violating the lease by not paying the utilities by that date, then those rules would have to be in the lease – no?

  • jeff sykes

    i rent a room in a house in lasvegas,my landlord has her boy friend installing new tiles that need to be cut he does this at times till midnight till 3am how can i take care of this and are there laws to do work certain hours

  • Alex S

    I have a question. I used to be a tenant at a shared house which the landlord owned (I rented a room). While living there we each split the cost of utilities but the landlord NEVER provided a copy of utility bills, just the total amount due and wanted us to pay within 2 weeks. Several times the utility bills came up to high amounts ($500+ just for electricity for several months straight).

    Now I am taking him to small claims court for various other issues, is there a legal obligation for him to provide a copy of those utility bills that I paid in Nevada?

  • Tiffany

    Where can I find laws on denying you to add people to your rental lease?

  • Kevin I

    Hi Lucas! I have a question about removing a tenant from a lease. My wife and I have a roommate that we have on the rental agreement. She pays 1/3 of the rent and utilities. That is about all she does. She is constantly drunk and has fallen down, into rose bushes while we were gone to dinner, down stairs, in weird places and didn’t know where she was and she passed out in the back yard. We have had enough and want to get her off the rental agreement. What are we allowed to do? Give her a 60 or 90 day notice? What if she doesn’t leave after the 60 or 90 days are up? We want to handle this legally so we have no problems or repercussions. Thanks

    • Lucas Hall

      Hi Kevin,

      To be sure you do it legally, I suggest you talk to a lawyer – which I am not. Generally, you can terminate a lease (with proper notice) for lease violations, but what rule is she breaking in your lease?

      If you legally terminate the lease, and she doesn’t leave, then you’d have to go through the formal eviction process with your county courts. Again, I suggest you review with an attorney.

  • Lisa Ortega

    I rent a place going through a property management company. Recently within the past 2 and a half weeks I’ve been home a total of 6 days. I was gone. Another tenant seems to have an issue with me for some reason and the property management company called me and said that in the past two weeks I’ve had 15 complaints towards me. My question is shouldn’t the property management company have contacted me regarding said complaints?

    • Lucas Hall

      Hi Lisa,
      I would think so. It seems weird that they waited until 15 complaints to contact you.

      But regardless, they are contacting you now. Are the complaints valid and warranted?

  • Candy Downey

    I moved into my apartment complex 18 years ago, no lease, no pet deposit or pet rent and I had a cat when I moved in. I went to pay my rent and was told that I have to pay per rent totaling $20 more a month. I was upset, asked why and the answer was Corporate makes the decision. Because I asked why there was no notice in regards to this the manager told me it will go into effect next month. Can they all of a sudden start charging me?

    • Lucas Hall

      Hi Candy,

      Check the article above. There’s a note in there about rent increase notices, with a link to the statutes.

    • D. Neff

      I have lived in a very old R.V. Park in Nevada, in the same space for the past 12 years. It is a triple wide pull thru space. There was no rental agreement or lease. After moving in I only had my rent raised twice the first two years. We were given notices that we have to move to a smaller two- pad, back-in space, and pay $50 more rent. My rent has been $335 with a senior discount of $15.00, now it is $385. He wanted the spaces for over-nighters. If we didn’t move we lost the Sr. Discount. These vacated spots are still empty after 5 mos. There have always been plenty of vacant spots for over nighters. Can he make us move to smaller spaces & pay more? What is the legal % for Senior rent increases. With elect. my rent takes up 60% of my SS

  • phillip deriggi

    the took the tennis/ basket ball court down and made it a small walk through park and the weight room is being remodeled , both for the past 4 months. Thats why I came here which was included in my rent. No court or work out gym. I think they should deduct something from the rent.

  • Calvernette Chevere

    The owner of the management company that managed my rental home stole the tenant rental deposit. The owner no longer works there and has a new owner. The tenants have since moved out. They are giving us a hard time about cleaning the house and making repairs and returning the deposit to the previous tentants. What can we (home owners) and tenants do?

  • Randal Spence

    I paid a “Holding Deposit” of $200.00 that was later termed by the apartment to be a non-refundable “holding fee”. If I didn’t go through with the lease, I could reasonably expect to lose my $200 deposit but immediately going through with the lease, I was disgusted to find this money being stolen from me right before my eyes when the deposit was re-termed to in fact be a chargeable Fee and not a deposit. How can stealing deposit in this manner be legal in any way?

    • Lucas Hall


      That does seem wrongful. Holding deposits are only supposed to be used if you back out. If it’s an application fee, then it’s the biggest one I’ve ever seen. If I were in your shoes, I’d argue it with them. But that’s just me – and not legal advice.

  • Lori

    Hi I have until the 4th of every month to pay my rent, but this month it falls on a holiday (July 4th)
    Is there any law in Nevada stating you may pay day after holiday?
    I would think that day would not count because their office is closed.
    They will try to charge me $85 , please let me know what you think . Thanks

    • Lucas Hall

      Here are my thoughts.

      A tenant has all month to make a rent payment. ust because the 4th is a holiday doesn’t mean you have to wait until the 4th (the last possible day). Generally speaking, due dates don’t get affected by weekends or holidays. While the IRS allows for delays on April 15th due to holidays, rent is not the same as your taxes.

  • Jon

    Hi Lucas,

    We live in Northern Nev.

    We received an email from our previous landlord, 2 months after we’ve moved out, asking for us to payback for waste removal.

    We agree we should payback for the trash removal service, but not the sewer removal fee. The description in the lease only stated “Lesee shall be responsible for arranging and paying for all utility services required on premises, including electric, gas, water and waste removal.”

    It was never disclosed to us that it also implied sewer use fees.

    Landlord, imo, likes using things like stating NRS 118A.420 to intimidate us.

    Do we have any grounds to not pay the sewer fees? FYI – We never signed an official renewal lease for the 2nd year, all payments on time for 2 years.

    • Lucas Hall

      Hi Jon,

      I’m not saying what is right or wrong here, but technically, “waste” is considered sewage. That’s the proper name for it. Further, in many counties, the water and sewer fees are bundled together under one bill and managed by the same government authority. You can’t have one without the other – you can’t really pay for the water, without also paying for the wear and tear on the pipe and treatment of the water when it leaves your house. Plus, you’d have a hard time arguing that you didn’t use the sewer utilities but you did use water. See what I mean?

      I think it would be irrelevant that you didn’t sign the lease since you clearly paid rent and other utilities – and were clearly living there.

      I hope that helps. Please know that I’m not a lawyer, nor is this legal advice.

  • MJR

    I lease 2 rooms in a 4 bedroom home in vegas. The landlord informed me that he will be moving into one of the rooms in 7 days and will adjust my rent. I have 2 leases, one for each room. Can he legally do this? (The leases are month to month.)

  • Mark

    My apt lease expired, I agreed to a Month to Month agreement. When I went to inform my landlord that I was moving out as of 7/1/16, I was referred back to my language or an agreement I signed upon move in that I had to give 60 days notice. 1. The lease had expired so how could anything to do with the lease be relevant? 2. I got an invoice from my Landlord dated two weeks after I moved out demanding the full two months rent. Doesnt a landlord have a duty to mitigate damages? How can they invoice me prior to the full two months? 3. Based on what I can tell from Nevada statutes, Month to month only requires 30 day notice, is that correct? Thank you

  • Roseann

    I sold my property.The new property owner went to the property and without notice of any kind, went thru my personal property, dumping out boxes of clothes, household items, keepsake memorabilia, breaking / destroying antique furniture , selectively removed items for The “trash trailer” . What they didn’t remove as “trash” , was left in a heap pile of destroyed antiques, miscellaneous household items, memorabilia etc.. like trash. Without notice or discussion, everything I owned was taken, destroyed & strewn everywhere out in the yard. I discovered this late that nite when I arrived at the property. Any legal recourse for damage? is

    • Marl

      Depends what the contract said, but normally, a property must be kept in broom clean condition upon transfer. I would refer to the contract to see if you were in violation for not removing property upon transfer. No doubt, you should have been notified before disposal, but again, look at contract.

  • J Mo

    Hello all, I am hoping advice. I have a great tenant since living here, never late, actually always early and have kept the house in better condition than it was when I moved in. My 1 year lease is set to end July 31 and then go month to month as per the lease agreement. On July 18th my landlord told me I had to be out of the house August 18th no questions asked, he said this is because he has sold the house and August 18th was the determining factor for the closing of the house.
    Is this something legal? Would he need to give a 30 day notice prior to months end, meaning I should have until August 31st to be out? I really appreciate any and all help. I had no intention on leaving and this timeframe is now a big struggle to get out and move

    • Marl

      That notice is only good for an August 31 lease termination. Remember, a buyer takes the house subject to existing leases. That is not your problem. Based upon the facts that you have presented, advise the Landlord that you will be moving out August 31. I suspect he will give you an incentive, maybe a waiver of the August rent to leave by the 18th. Get anything like that in writing. My guess is that he told the buyer the tenant would be out by the 18th, but if I were the buyer, I would have demanded proof from the seller.

      • JM

        Thank you very much for the response. I thought the same thing especially considering he notified my via text message I had to be ot on the 18th and that was the only way the buyer would close. Seems like I am being jerked around after paying him 20k in rent over the past 13-14 months!

        • Marl

          Just make sure there are no contrary provision in your original lease. From the facts you stated, your normal lease term ends on 7/31. It then converts into a month-to-month assuming neither party has given timely appropriate notice to terminate the original lease which from your facts it appears there has not been such notice. That would mean the month-to-month lease term begins on August 1. A month-to-month lease should have 30 days notice to terminate, which from your facts it appears there has been such notice. That would mean the month-to-month terminates on August 31. No matter what, clear this up before you make a rent payment for August.

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