How to Ensure a Flawless Move-in / Move-out [ VIDEO ]

Written on December 19, 2014 by , updated on April 21, 2015

In this video, you’ll learn the tips and tricks that will save you time, money and headache during the move-in / move-out process.

  1. How to help your tenants transition smoothly;
  2. How to protect your own interests;
  3. Which general rules and regulations are applicable during this stage in the rental lifecycle.

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Use these links to jump to various chapters in the video:

  1. Notification of Renewal / Move-Out (8:20)
  2. Listings / Showing (11:36)
  3. Application (16:52)
  4. Review / Approval (20:26)
  5. Security Deposit (28:42)
  6. Lease Signing (32:32)
  7. Move-Out (37:11)
  8. Cleaning / Repairs (40:32)
  9. 1st Month’s Rent (44:09)
  10. Keys (45:53)
  11. Move-In & Inspection (49:45)
  12. Celebrate (53:40)
  13. Itemized Damages & Receipts (54:06)
  14. Deposit Refund (56:09)
  15. About Cozy (58:14)
  16. Questions & Answers (1:02:09)

Supporting Links:

These links were mentioned in the presentation:

  • Cozy – Free, simple end-to-end rental management software for landlords and tenants.
  • State Laws – State-specific laws and regulations for residential rental properties.
  • The Landlord Guides – The definitive step-by-step guides for independent landlords.
  • The Landlord Lifecycle – The complete guide to the phases of renting a property and the related resources.
  • Services Directory – The best on and offline tools for managing rentals.
  • Ask a Lucas – A bite-sized Q&A podcast about landlording.
  • CirclePix – Professional photography for your rentals.
  • HelloSign, SignNow, and DocuSign – Electronic document signing tools.

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2 CommentsLeave a Comment

  • Gloria

    Thanks for the video. I have another question though:

    Even though I have cleaned & got the carpets professionally cleaned I have still be charged cleaning fees. One of my places I move out from was brand new when I moved it. It was completely cleaned…no stains/damages.

    I did a walk through with the landlord and he only noted we had nail holes in the wall from hanging up photos in the livingroom only, I was billed $500 for cleaning fees anyway. When I asked for the details of what was cleaned, it noted $150 for carpet shampooing, $100 carpet cleaning $250 for re-painting of the walls.

    When I contested it, I was told that this is what needed to be done to get the apartment back in brand new status.

    My question is: Can they charge for these things even though I had receipts from the carpet cleaning service I used and that the on-site manager told me I would only be charged for touch up of the walls?

    • Lucas Hall

      Hi Gloria,

      Just because you had a the carpets cleaned doesn’t mean they did a sufficient job. I would hope that any professional cleaners would do a great job, but at the end of the day, the tenant is still responsible for returning the unit back to the condition it was in at move-in (minus normal wear and tear).

      I think the better question you should be asking yourself is “is the landlord trying to charge me for normal wear and tear”. A landlord is NOT allowed to deduct for normal use, but rather only excessive damages, or cleanings that were stated in the lease.

      I’m sure you’re a clean person, and do know how to clean. But I’ve had lots of tenants who thought they did a great job cleaning, but they just didn’t know any better.

      You should check your state laws about “wrongful withholding” rules re: the deposit. The majority of landlord-tenant lawsuits are about the deposit, and often times a landlord is liable for 2-3x the deposit amount if the tenant can prove that they wrongfully withheld it.

      Find your state laws:

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