How to market your rental to traveling nurses

Written on December 11, 2017 by , updated on April 29, 2019

College StudentIf you own or manage furnished rental property, there’s a huge potential market for you to consider—traveling nurses. About 30,000 travel nurses need temporary furnished housing at any given time.

Traveling nurses are regular nurses, but they travel to fulfill their 13-week contracts. And this happens all across America. About 400 medical staffing companies compete to place travel nurses in jobs. As you can imagine, this is a pretty big industry—about a $4 billion one.

Since traveling nurses need furnished housing during their assignments, they make up a big pool of potential tenants. If you have a furnished rental, or are considering getting one, you may want to think about catering to traveling nurses.

Why travel nurses make great tenants

Whether you’re a landlord with multiple properties or are just renting out your back cottage, travel nurses could make great target tenants for you—they’re predictable and desirable. Travel nurses stay for about three months at a time. And for landlords who rent their space furnished, that’s a significant advantage over the three-night average a vacation rental might provide.

The 13-week assignment is the industry standard. Most of the time, travel nurses have the option to renew their contract for a subsequent term as well. In addition to their length of stay, many landlords like the fact that travel nurses receive background and drug screening before they’re hired. And travel nurses receive a stipend to cover their housing expenses while on assignment. Knowing this, most landlords enjoy renting their furnished units to travel nurses.

What travel nurses want in a rental

Travel nurses can travel alone, with roommates, with their families, and sometimes they may even bring their pets. They’ll stay in a spare room, back house, studio, apartment, condo, or a house. They’ll want wherever they stay to be furnished.

You should stock your rental with necessary housewares that will accommodate a traveling healthcare professional for three months at a time. Travel nurses choose properties that are clean, comfortable, and close to their assignments (a 15-30 minute drive is ideal). Rentals don’t have to be exclusive or high end; affordability is important to travel nurses.

How to find them

The medical staffing industry is a tenant-making machine. It produces highly-trained professional tenants over and over again. And with the influx of baby boomers flooding hospital beds across the United States, that won’t end anytime soon. So how can you start renting to travel nurses?

Contacting your local hospital will most likely be fruitless. By the time travel nurses arrive, they’ve probably already secured housing. Likewise, calling medical staffing companies will probably be too time-consuming. There are just too many of these companies. Landlords may also look to vacation rental booking sites to attract travel nurses but might be disappointed that they can’t screen the tenant the way they want to beforehand.

There are sites that specialize in just travel nurse housing. There you can list your property and connect with travel nurses directly, screen the nurses the way you want to, and sign them as tenants without commissions—in most cases.

It’s worth finding out why travel nurses make great tenants!

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  • Adrienne Moore

    I am a new landlord so any information that you have available would be helpful

    • EileenHall

      Would it be ok to have a bedroom and a small sitting room and I’ll put a small frigerator in there and a microwave will that be enough plus she’ll have a laundry room to

  • EileenHall

    I’m looking to rent my up stairs I also have laundry and 2 full bathroom it’s very clean and quite. The river is right down the street , walking distended for shopping and bike trails I’m want to rent to a women it’s very comfortable

  • Donna Long

    I have a large house and plan to be overseas for six months sometime next year…..flexible dates. I would like to rent my house to one or two occupants. Is there a list to sign up and advertise?

  • Dee

    I’m looking to rent out a room for a nurse’ currently I have a price range for my current renters. What price range are staffing nurses Looking for :
    Location is Southern California ‘
    I notice hotels room for traveling nurse run around $50 a night / $350 weekly $1400 a month is this the range?

    • Ellen McMillin

      Hi my husband and I are building a new home on Alki a popular place in Seattle Washington. We are looking at renting a room to a traveling nurse. There is off street parking, shared laundry, kitchen and living space. Not sure what to charge for rent possibly $1200 to 1400 a month. This is a tourist area we’re located across the street from Puget Sound, 2 blocks from a fabulous bike and running path, great restaurants and walk-on ferry to downtown Seattle. Is this reasonable rent?

  • Brittany Bay

    Does anyone recommend sites that specialize in just travel nurse housing? I am looking to put my property up for rent. Thank you