A Recap of the Landlordology Workshop in Portland

Written on June 27, 2014 by , updated on October 31, 2017


The Workshop

Earlier this week, we held the very first Landlordology Workshop & Fireside Chat, in downtown Portland, Oregon.

Attendees came from all over the Portland area, with a few driving from Seattle and even flying from San Francisco. However, the “longest distance” award goes to a Cozy landlord who flew all the way from Georgia to attend!

A Strong Community

I’ve always believed that we’ll all succeed as landlords if we stick together. This workshop was no exception.

Not only did the attendees show up to learn, but they also actively contributed through thoughtful and considerate Q&A with each other.

There was a genuine desire to help each other by sharing life experiences, war stories and even phone numbers.

Seminar vs. Workshop

During initial planning stages, we had intended this event to be mostly seminar-led, with some minor Q&A at the end.

At the last-minute, we decided to open the floor to questions throughout the entire presentation in an attempt to truly embrace the “workshop”. This allowed for real-time discussion of actual landlord-tenant situations, and how best to address them.

It truly was a community event.

Final Thoughts

In the end, we were reassured of the incredible value in landlord workshops such as this.

We fielded a ton of challenging questions, had countless conversations, heard lots of funny tenant stories, and most importantly got we got to connect with long-time Landlordology readers and Cozy customers in the real world.

We made a lot of new friends, and look forward to the years ahead.

Thanks to Multifamily NW for co-sponsoring. If you’re part of a Rental Housing Association or Apartment Association and would like to partner with us on an event like this in your city, let us know.


Here’s the slide deck from the evening. Please know that it is only an outline to which some excellent discussions were based on.

In the near future, we will also host online webinars to present this, and other slide decks from these events, as well as a variety of other great topics such as tenant screening, and rental marketing.

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