10 Thoughtful Things to Have in Your Short-term Rental Property

Written on July 26, 2017 by , updated on December 3, 2019

The little things mean a lot, especially when you cater to short-term guests.

And when it comes to enjoying a short-term rental, utility is king.

As someone who frequently stays at Airbnbs all over the United States, it is clear to me that utility beats fancy stuff any day. Just give me a plain space that is safe, self-explanatory, and comfortable over one that has lots of color-coordinated brand names.

Ideally your short-term rental is a combination of function and style.

From my experiences traveling and hosting, I’ve compiled the following list of essential things you should add to your short-term rental.

10 Items to Delight Short-term Rental Guests

1. Key box

I can’t think of a reason why you need to meet up with your guests to let them in. Key boxes take only a minute to reset, and nearly everyone knows how to use them. Using a key box system will seriously ease the strain on both you and your guests.

Let them know they don’t have a deadline — their keys will be waiting for them no matter what time they arrive. And don’t forget to re-code your key box after each guest.

2. Slide latch

This device costs less than $10 and takes 10 minute to install, but when it comes to peace of mind, it’s worth its weight in gold. Latches give guests a way to participate in their safety.

While latches aren’t as strong as deadbolt locks, they will make a lot of noise if someone tries to break in. Latches are lovely!

3. Night lights

When you’re new to a place, you need a little time to get oriented — especially in the dark. This is why having lots of LED night lights (photo sensitive ones) makes a big difference.

Place them in hallways, bathrooms, and for illuminating the way to the kitchen. Make your guests feel comfortable in the dark.

4. Framed instructions

You can always find a clever looking frame to match your theme and décor. Pick one to frame out a list of the most important things for your guests to know.

Make this enjoyable, especially if you’re telling them things you don’t want them to do. Using a pretty frame to post your rules adds a classy touch.

5. Tourist guides

You may know the area so well that you’ve become blind to what your guests might love. Provide them with lots of information to flip through while they relax in your place.

Make it easy for them to discover the best and most interesting things about the area surrounding your short-term rental.

6. Smart TV with Netflix

Smart TVs, which are falling in price, also serve as large computer monitors. This lets visitors enjoy their laptop and mobile devices on the big screen. You can get a really nice Smart TV for less than $200. And because they are so inexpensive and versatile, they’re practically a must. Plus, you should include Netflix and/or Amazon Prime subscriptions! Your guests will adore you.

7. Plunger

I don’t mean to be crude, but there is something reassuring about seeing a plunger before you need it. A plunger is an absolute essential, and its location should be noted in the framed instructions.

In fact, it’s wise to have a plunger in every bathroom. If you don’t make it easy to find, they will call you instead.

8 . Throw blanket

Sometimes you just need a soft blanket to really get comfortable — even if you’re a big tough guy like me.

No matter how comfortable a sofa is or how modern it looks, you just can’t binge-watch Netflix without a blanket to snuggle into.

9. Hair dryer

A hair dryer (even a basic one) goes a long way toward getting your guests off to a good start.

It’s so important that you won’t be able to earn Airbnb’s Business Travel Ready designation without one.

10. Teapot

Don’t underestimate the importance of a simple teapot, especially for international travelers.

For less than $30, you can equip your kitchen to make a variety of instant foods and drinks.

What’s on your Top 10 List?

Have you ever stayed at a short-term rental that had it all? Were you delightfully relieved it contained something? Tell me about it in the comment section below.

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