Tip #26

Always Include Pictures when Posting on Craigslist

Written on March 14, 2013 by , updated on September 8, 2014

Picture get Results

I receive 10 times more responses when I post pictures of my rental property on my Craigslist rental vacancy ads.


Human’s love to look at pictures. We gravitate to them like bees to honey. Pictures tell us far more than a thousand words.

Remember, your main goal for your ad is to “Get an Inquiry”.  You have to get the reader to respond to your ad, typically by phone, email, or sending them to a website. Pictures accomplish this better than text.

In a recent change to the layout and design of Craigslist, they’ve moved the pictures to the top of the page, just below the title.  The pictures now come before the description.  Personally, I love it.

New Craigslist Layout

Pictures on Craigslist are positioned at the TOP of the page

3 Reasons to Post with Pictures:

  1. Pictures rarely lie.  By using pictures, you are being open and honest about the property in question.  It builds trust and legitimizes your ad.
  2. Posts with images get higher open rates.  Images cause your posts stand-out from other listings.  I usually never click on a post that doesn’t have [img] or [pic] next to the title.
  3. Pictures are more convincing than plain text. Your pictures will communicate far better than ANYTHING you could say in the text.  So, make sure you spend the time to take QUALITY pictures.

If you are posting pictures, but still not getting any responses, you probably need to write a better description – or take better photographs.

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