How To Write An Attractive Property Listing in 8 Steps

Written on July 13, 2017 by , updated on July 21, 2020

Whether you’re a new or experienced landlord, when it’s time to list a vacancy, you need to write a great property listing. But what exactly catches a renter’s eye?

Here are eight tips for writing a great listing, including some ideas that make a big difference.

1. Include as much information as possible

Your online listing is important, especially because it’s the first time renters will learn about your property. It’s your job to convince people to come see it. Include as much information as possible to help them understand what the property is like. Mention location, amenities, access to parking, and other details that might attract them to the property.

2. Avoid superlatives

“Words such as ‘amazing’ or ‘charming’ don’t mean anything in a property listing,” says professional writer Christine Harrison. “They’re empty words that won’t give the renter a sense of what the property is like. Use more concrete descriptions to help them create a mental picture.‘”

For example, the following superlatives are often used in listings, but you can replace them with more concrete phrases.

Bad superlativesGreat descriptions
Biggest apartment in the building.This apartment has 500 square feet of space.
Located on the most charming street.The area is host to several community activities throughout the year.
Has the best view.You can see the nearby park lands from the balcony terrace.
Amazing parking facilities.This apartment comes with underground attended parking.
Beautiful decor.The apartment has been recently refurbished and so has new modern features.

3. Include high-quality photos

It’s easier for renters to get a feel for a property if you add good pictures. Take a good range of photos that show different rooms and angles. Make them good quality by considering lighting. Here’s how you can take some excellent pictures:

  • Use lots of light. Take photos when the sun is at its highest, and use indoor lighting to get the best shot.
  • Make sure the rooms are tidy and clean when you take pictures.
  • If you’re going to mention something in your ad, ensure that it’s photographed.
  • Keep away from mirrors. Photos look unprofessional if you’re in the photo.
  • Try to furnish the rooms so prospective tenants can see themselves living there.

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4. Highlight the differentiators

Many landlords say renters “can’t miss” seeing their property, but why? Think about what makes yours special. Maybe it’s in a fantastic area or has a balcony with a beautiful view. Make sure you talk up that feature, and give renters a reason to look twice.

For example, here are some features your property may have that you want to mention:

  • Large storage areas
  • Plenty of natural light
  • Second bathroom or bedroom
  • Ample parking for renters and guests
  • Original period details such as flooring or decorations

5. Be upfront about extra costs

Depending on where your property is located, there may be extra costs associated with moving in. There could be parking fees, fees to use amenities in the building, fees with the rental agency, tax fees, or deposits renters need to make before they move in.

Make this clear in the listing, so renters will be fully aware of what’s involved before they sign on the dotted line.

6. Show you’re a great landlord

Renters need to know that you’re a good landlord in order to trust you. Give them some proof by offering references from past tenants, or mention any awards you’ve received in your industry.

If you want to gain trust, give prospective renters some tips about where to go in the area, show that you’re accessible when needed, and be consistent in what you say.

7. Proofread your listing

It’s not enough to write the listing, you also need to make sure it doesn’t have any errors. Take the time to proofread it. You’ll be amazed at how many errors can get past a first read. If you’re not great at proofreading, have a friend take a look. Sometimes a fresh set of eyes will catch simple mistakes you may have missed.

8. Post your listing online

It’ll make you look more professional. If you’re still only advertising with yard signs, then you’re missing out on a whole demographic who uses their smartphones for everything.

With just a few clicks, tools like Cozy will create a beautiful listing for you. You can reuse your listing in Cozy, year after year, without having to re-write the copy or upload new pictures. Everything is saved and ready to go with just one click.

Sample listing description

Check out the following sample, so you can see what these tips look like in practice. Notice the use of many concrete descriptions rather than superlatives:

These tips and tools will help you write the best property listing possible. Really make your property shine and catch the attention of renters.


These tips and tools will help you write a great property listing. I’d love to know what else you do to catch renters’ attention. Please let me now in the comments below.

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