How to Deal with Bed Bugs at Your Rental Property

Written on April 28, 2015 by , updated on November 3, 2016

bed bugShould the landlord or the tenant deal with bed bugs found on the property?

I’d like to apologize in advance if reading this makes you itchy, but this topic is one that frequently comes up for landlords.

There’s been a bed bug renaissance of sorts across the country because these disgusting critters have become resistant to pesticides.

Most Infested Cities

The cities with the worst bed bug infestations in 2014, according to the number of Terminix service calls (source), were the following:


Even if you don’t own property in one of the top 15 cities, your rental property could still get bed bugs in various ways. One common way is your tenant bringing them in after traveling. (Note: travelers can check the Bed Bug Registry before choosing a hotel.)

Bed bugs can attach to your tenant’s clothing, luggage and backpacks and can be transported back to your rental property that way. Because it can be difficult to determine how the bed bugs arrived, especially in an apartment building, you shouldn’t concern yourself too much with that question.

Top 5 Questions About Rentals & Bed Bugs

Ring Ring… I think we have bed bugs!

1. What’s the First Step?

If your tenant calls you in a panic, stating that there are bed bugs, keep calm. The problem might not be bed bugs; it could be fleas or roaches.

Call an exterminator to diagnose the problem. The exterminator should look at all mattresses and bedding in the rental property. He should also look in couches, drawers, closets and shelves.

The first step is to treat the problem before it gets worse. You can always figure out the responsibility later.

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2. Who is Responsible to Remove the Bed Bugs?

Responsibility should fall on whomever brought them in the house.

An exterminator might be able to tell you how the bed bugs arrived. For example, if a swarm of bed bugs is found in the tenants luggage and he just got back from a business trip, then you certainly could hold the tenant responsible.

But generally speaking, fault is difficult to prove, particularly in an apartment building. In this case, a resident of another unit could have brought in the bed bugs, and those bed bugs could have then traveled from the infested apartment to your rental through floorboards or small cracks in the walls.

The question of who brought in the bed bugs is easier to determine if the rental in question is a single-family house. But even then, a maintenance person, not the tenant, could have brought in the bed bugs.

3. Who Should Pay for the Exterminator?

If the bed bugs were present before your tenant moved in, you need to pay for an exterminator.

If you do nothing about the bed bug infestation, your tenant can take actions against you, such as paying for an exterminator and deducting that amount from the rent or even breaking the lease or suing you for not providing a livable dwelling under the implied warranty of habitability doctrine.

If the tenant brought in the bed bugs, the question of who pays for an exterminator might depend on the state in which you live. As of April 2014, 22 states and one territory have laws addressing bed bugs, according to the National Conference of State Legislatures.

If your state has no regulations and you can prove the tenant brought in the bed bugs, you can charge your tenant for the cost to remove them.

4. What are the Best Ways to Get Rid of Bed Bugs?

Getting rid of bed bugs is a time-consuming process that your tenant must be on board with. Once your tenant notifies you of the bed bug problem, you need to act immediately. The longer you wait, the worse the problem becomes.

Here are steps to have your tenant take:

  1. Declutter
    Tenant needs to clean up any clutter. Clutter provides a perfect place for bed bugs to hide, and it makes the treatment process more difficult.
  2. Encase or Trash the Mattress
    If bed bugs are in the mattress, enclosing the mattress and box springs in a special bed bug encasement product prevents the bed bugs from coming out. The encasement needs to stay on for a year.
  3. Wash Everything
    Tenant needs to wash all bedding (blankets, sheets, bedspreads) and all clothing that’s been on the floor in a washing machine under hot water and then put the laundry in the dryer under a medium or high setting for at least 20 minutes and up to 45 minutes.
  4. Vacuum Everything (twice)
    Tenant should vacuum the rugs, floors, furniture, bed and all cracks found in rooms and then dispose of the vacuum cleaner bag in an outdoor garbage bin.

Here’s what the exterminator should do:

  1. Move/Disassemble Furniture
  2. Use High Heat/Steam Treatments
    Exterminators have special equipment that raises the temperature in the bed bug area to 118 F and then maintains that temperature for 70 minutes.
  3. Use Professional-Strength Insecticide
    General over-the-counter insecticides probably won’t work on bed bugs
  4. Seal Furniture
    Infested furniture might need to be sealed in a container until the bed bugs die.

Once the bed bugs are gone, your property can become infested again. Make sure your tenant knows not to bring in mattresses and other furniture found on the street.

You might also wish to share with your tenant some best practices when traveling:

  1. Check the headboard and around the bed.
  2. Inspect luggage stands.
  3. Look at the sheets for fecal spots.
  4. Inspect luggage before bringing it back into the home.

This useful video shows you how professionals get rid of bed bugs.

5. Can my Tenant Terminate the Lease?

Your tenant might be able to break the lease if he or she told you about the bed bug problem and you did nothing about it.

Your tenant needs to give you proper notice (which varies by state) of his or her intention to break the lease and time to fix the problem.

You should never knowingly rent property infested with bed bugs. You could be sued for doing that. If your tenant can prove you knew, you might be ordered to pay damages.

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136 CommentsLeave a Comment

  • Jennifer H.

    I’m the Asst. Mgr of a HUD Subsidized property in Grand Prairie, TX. We have a resident w/a signed Bed Bug Addendum and a Bed Bug Agreement with the resident, that was signed after they found they had bed bugs and what they would need to do before we treated. They didn’t report, their neighbors did, so they violated the Bed Bug Addendum. Then, they didn’t comply with the signed agreement that stated they would have to get rid of all furniture w/holes in it or that is infested. They did none of these things. We had some volunteers finally come out to help and now they may be infested. I’m filing eviction today, after serving their 30 day notice to vacate & their time is now up. Do you have any advice before we go before a difficult judge?

    • Laura Agadoni

      Hi Jennifer,
      All I can offer is that you document everything and bring proof. If you can bring the neighbor(s), great. If not, get a notarized statement(s). Take photos. Bring proof of the infestation. Bring your agreement. As long as you have a case and can prove it, that’s probably the best you can do.

    • Lala

      Hi jenn hello i live in Newark nj and my gma have bed bugs n her room and i dont like her gettin bit she dont even go no where i wass thinkn if i should pay or the landlord he never gets a extermimator every month or year he never fix anythin how i go about him paying legally

      • Joe cristiano

        I am not a lawyer. Depending on where you live laws vary. Like you have done here, look further into what you have to do for your state and county. In the mean time I would suggest a product called “Diatomaceous Earth” It can be bought online, hardware stores, large stores like home depot and wal …… I just can type it out…sorry. Look it up on the web. You will need some sort of powder applicator that you can make or buy. DO NOT buy the kind they use in swimming pools. I would have to say it is rather cheap. Store bought is normally close to or under $10. In my opinion it is better than any pesticide on the market. Remember more is not always better. Clumping of product is a waste. Best wishes.

  • April J

    I have lived in a upper and lower type of home renting for about 3 years now. About two weeks ago I noticed that I had dozens of bites on my arms. I thought it was an allergic reaction to something I was using. But a few days later I saw a bug running across my sheets. I stripped the bed and found more. I contacted my landlord and left a message and never heard back from him for several days. Finally, after about 3 days I called again and got a hold of him. I was told that the bed bugs were not his problem and was instructed to call my local health department. He then went on to say how I must have had someone come into my home and into my bed to transfer the bugs. I couldn’t have been more insulted. I just don’t know what to do.

    • Laura Agadoni

      Hi April,
      Check this to see whether your state addresses this issue:

      Also, you can follow the steps under number 4 of this post.

      • April J

        Hello. Thanks for getting back so quickly. I live in Wisconsin, so I don’t know it the definition of an institution applies to an two apartment home. I don’t have the finances to hire an exterminator. I got an estimate from one exterminator company and they charge just to come and check the place out and then an additional minimum $500 for the treatments. The total costs of everything plus the treatments and other nick nacks to help eliminate the bugs will cost more than what I pay for renting the place. I bought the mattress and box spring encasements, but like I’ve read a professional exterminator is highly recommended because they are so hard to get rid of. I feel like I’m in between a rock and a hard place.

        • Laura Agadoni

          Hi April,
          In this case, see what sort of arrangement you can make with the landlord. Tell him that you can’t afford to pay for an exterminator and pay rent. Ask if you can withhold from your rent the cost of an exterminator. If not, ask him whether you can break the lease. If you have no lease, you can give notice and leave. Note that if you leave, then it will be the landlord’s responsibility to pay for the bedbug problem since the home can’t be rented with bedbugs. The landlord might keep your security deposit, though. You can try going to small claims court to let a judge work this out.

          • April J

            Thanks so much for your advice. I have a month to month arrangement in the place I rent. I was thinking of just moving since he in unwilling to do anything to help. I just don’t want to bring them with if I find a new place. I will start looking for a new home now. Thanks for all your help. (Hopefully, I won’t need your guidance in the future. These things are a pain.)

            • Laura Agadoni

              Hi April,
              Good luck!

              • Lexi

                I’m not sure what the laws are for bed bugs in Iowa, but I am so stressed out. I recently moved into a house with my boyfriend 3 weeks ago yesterday. Since the 2nd day staying here I started getting really bad bug bites and it Its literally driving me crazy. We decided to call our landlord and let him know that neither of us experienced any bites like this until we moved in. He made it clear that he isn’t going to help us out. I’ve heard treatments are really expensive and I just feel helpless. Today after we called the landlord my boyfriend actually found a bug crawling on him and killed it and that’s when we looked up pictures and sure enough it’s a bed bug. What can we do to ensure the landlord takes the measures he is supposed to?

        • Jen

          April go to the hardware store and get diamateous earth. Spread it along baseboards and the legs of all your furniture. Also call the health dept. I’m most states they will make your lanlord treat. I’m others of your income qualified they will direct you to an agency that will help with cost

    • Joe cristiano

      I am not a lawyer. Depending on where you live laws vary. Like you have done here, look further into what you have to do for your state and county. In the mean time I would suggest a product called “Diatomaceous Earth” It can be bought online, hardware stores, large stores like home depot and wal …… I just can type it out…sorry. Look it up on the web. You will need some sort of powder applicator that you can make or buy. DO NOT buy the kind they use in swimming pools. I would have to say it is rather cheap. Store bought is normally close to or under $10. In my opinion it is better than any pesticide on the market. Remember more is not always better. Clumping of product is a waste. Best wishes.

  • cindy

    Hello i live in a apartment and i notice i have bed bugs. We bombed the room and living room several times and steamed the carpet. We got bit again. And now the landlord said if he has to get a exterminator but he will be raising our rent to pay it off. Can he do that?

    • Laura Agadoni

      Hi Cindy,
      If you are a month-to-month tenant, your landlord can raise your rent before the next month. If you have a lease, the landlord can’t raise your rent until the lease is up.

  • Amanda

    My mother moved into a new apartment on April 7th, in the 8th she went to the office and told them she got bit by something. They came out and inspected, and said they did not find anything. Over the next few weeks she continued to get bit often, she had red spots all over her arms and legs! Finally she decided to look around closely and discovered BED BUGS!! She went with the dead bug down to the office and they told her they would spray/fumigate but she would have to pay half because they can’t tell if the bugs were already there or if she brought them in. There are at least two other apartments in the complex that also has bed bugs! The guy that bought my mothers previous residence said he did not find any bugs whatsoever when he pulled up the carpet and remodeled. My question is can they really make my mother pay for half considering she has proof that she did not have bed bugs previously and given that at least two other apartments also have them? We live in Oklahoma.

    • Laura Agadoni

      Hi Amanda,
      I can’t comment on this specific issue on what the landlord can and can’t do. Here are some things your mother can try: She can argue her case with the landlord. If she prefers to leave over this, she could bring up breaking her lease. If not, she can try taking the landlord to small claims court. She can contact a lawyer or legal aid for your area.

  • katheryn

    so for a few days i noticed red bumps on my body thought maybe misqitoes. no because i was not out side and i didn’t have these before i went to bed …. needless to say i lift my mattress i found one tiny bug… i knew immediately what i had , which is actually a big fear of mine. i’ve been through this before its mentally, emotionally ,and financially draining . the smell of rubbing alcohol makes me vomit literally, because bed bugs hate it and thats what i would cover my self in before i went to bed. well my roomate bed was starting to get the black dots all over its just the begining so we think were catching it in time. so as good people we went to our office and told them and what they had to say next made me so sick to my stomach..

    • katheryn

      they tell my roomate “oh, the whole building is” ………. i lost my lid…. how are you gonna sit there and know the people surrounding us has bed bugs and not warn us ive lived here a year and havnt had a problem with them at all. so what they did was sit around and wait for the building to be infested .. im about ready to move i cant take anything now in fer of infestation of my new place and i cant afford to replace all my stuff . im allergic to there bites so my skin looks absolutly awful now im living my nightmare again and it could have been prevented

  • Marie

    Hi my name is marie, I am 18 weeks pregnant and I have been forced to sleep on a very uncomfortable fouton due to my $1300 bedset becoming infested with bed bugs.. I told the office manager about it Tuesday and they are suppose to exterminate but it’s coming from the carpet and he doesn’t want to change it. How do I go about That? I don’t like the idea of encasing bed bugs in my 3 month old mattress it’s really disturbing.. I love in texas is there anything I can do?

  • Brandi

    A week or so ago I found out that I had bed bugs I called my landlord they had an exterminator come out already and do 1 treatment I have another one in 2 weeks, but my issue is I have 4 kids with my 2 youngest being 2 and 1 month old. I don’t feel comfortable staying in my apartment with my kids so we have been getting hotel rooms. Having young kids is it ok for them to stay/sleep in an infested place? Can my landlord reimbursement me or deduct what I have spent from my rent?

    • Laura Agadoni

      Hi Brandi,
      Call your doctor’s office to get their advice about your children. The landlord is taking the proper measures, so they don’t have to reimburse you for a hotel room, but you can always ask.

  • LanlordWA

    In a single family residence- is there a way to determine if the bugs were there before a renter moved in?… I saw no signs prior to tenancy. I even had a preventative spray (the same that I have the local company put at my house); not specifically for BB, but more general insecticide… Prior to them moving in. They were in the house May, June, and first notified me of the issue July 14. The house had been unoccupied at least since November of last year when I walked it with a realtor. Can I tell if they were there before?

    • Laura Agadoni

      Hi LanlordWA,
      As I stated in the post, it’s difficult to prove who brought in the bedbugs. Whether you charge your tenants for the cost to remove them or not is up to you, unless your jurisdiction has specific guidelines. You should check that first.

  • Nely

    Hello! I moved to my apartment almost 2 years ago. When I moved here there were bed bugs. I Reported it to the manager and she quickly treated it. But now I am about to new my contract they the bed bugs reappear again. I don’t know what to do. I have not travel, bring in old furniture. When I moved in I bought brand new furniture. Please give me some advices thank you!

  • Max

    I live in an apartment complex in el paso texas and recently noticed that we have bed bugs. We’ve lived in this apartment for years and know that someone in the family brought them here. We haven’t told the complex management yet because were afraid of getting evicted and being homeless. My question is what should we do? We’ve been tring to get rid of them on our own but are losing the fight. Please help.

    • Laura Agadoni

      Hi Max,
      You need to tell your landlord right away so they can fix the problem. Check with your state’s legal aid, but I don’t think landlords can evict you for having bed bugs. However, if your lease states anything to the effect of the tenant being responsible for notifying landlord of any defects or dangerous conditions as soon as tenant becomes aware and you don’t, that would be a lease violation and a possible reason for eviction.

  • Miri

    I have lived in the same apartment for 25 years. I have never had an issue with bed bugs, until recently. As far as I can tell, the bed bugs are only in one room. I spoke with the manager of the apartment complex, and of course, he tried to put the blame on me saying that bed bugs come from traveling, hotels, etc. Well, little did I know that my neighbor’s apartment was infested in bed bugs. I’m not sure how she got them, but now they are coming to my home. Two maintenance workers from the complex confirmed that my neighbor had the bed bugs, and she had to get professional treatment. Given that the manager knew of this, and failed to let us know, would he not be responsible for getting professional exterminators out to my home?

  • Marie

    Can you treat bedbugs yourself, i noticed some bites last week, but am not sure if they are bedbugs, Im afraid ill get evicted if landlord finds out as he will blame me for bringing them in. I think i might
    have, staying in different hotels the past couple of weeks, lived here for ten years, its a duplex, never!!!! had any problem with them before, Should i call exterminator to look at the bed to see what they are? or just try to do it myself, I have ton of clutter in my room Started throwing stuff away already, If i put everything in plastic, or bags, its it better than cardboard?? Thanks

    • Laura Agadoni

      Hi Marie,
      Read #4 in the article about steps you should take. You also need to tell your landlord ASAP so they can call the exterminator. You’ll probably have to pay for the exterminator. If you try to take matters into your own hands and not tell the landlord and the problem worsens (which is what will likely happen), your landlord will be more likely to evict you for making the problem worse.

  • Mitch Elder

    I bought propert in May. Exactly three months later.(last week,) my tenant, whom lived there on property for years tells me,”We have bed bugs!” So I sent exterminator to inspect. Come to find out the tenant bought chemicals and tried to control the bed bug problem themselves. Upon more determonation and a little detective work I’ve discovered that the bed bug infestation started at least 4 months ago, before I looked at property, and seller did not disclose. I also learned upon my detective work that the seller is my tenants cousin, and that it’s very unlikely that they did not know of bed bug infestation. Do you gave any recommendations? I would never have bought the property had I known there was an issue. I’ve already contacted attorney.

    • Laura Agadoni

      Hi Mitch,
      You did the right thing in contacting your attorney. They would be better able to guide you in any particular situation. I’m not an attorney, and this post was general information.

  • Domanica

    I live in Beaver Falls, PA and I recently moved into a new apartment 2-3 months ago. I noticed bugs in the apartment while moving in and asked the landlord to take care of the so I actually stopped halfway I between moving to let him exterminate. I’m a complete bug aphobe. Said he took care of it I finished moving in and about 3 weeks later noticed they where back. Researched then and found out they where bed bugs on my couch. Immediately stopped sleeping in me bed to keep them out of my room. Have had to get rid of my couch, my neighbors have all had to get rid of furniture. Was in the hospital for inhaling pesticides from trying to bomb. I don’t know what to do anymore! I know my landlord doesn’t have the money to exterminate or tent.Help

  • Marcie

    Hi I’m in Brooklyn new york, what if the tenant in a private 2 family brought in the bed bugs-it’s the only apartment infested- the tenant paid for an exterminator but he was only able to treat certain areas because she didn’t do proper cleaning. She put a bunch of her items in bags but the bags are now still all in the house and items have not been cleane. Initial treatment and cleaning was done one month ago. But she has t touched those bags since. After the first 2 treatments the exterminator did not find any live ones. He came back a week and half later and there were live ones again. At this point we would like the tenant to leave because the problem is continuing and proper care needs to be done. How do we go about that?

  • Elizabeth Churchwell

    I have lived in a trailer since 2012 and 2 weeks after I moved in I found bed bugs, the landlord try to tell peoplethat I brought them here, but I lived in an apartment for 6 years before this trailer and never had this problem, the landlord does not want to do anything about it, they had someone come out one time and spray for them but every time I mentioned seeing them she said she could never get ahold of the terminex people, I have been telling her for 4 years now and I and my son have been getting eat up every night, I am on a limited budget and can not afford to move,what can I do about this, I am also on hud and it seems like nothing is being done about it, I have photos of my son and I and the bites and I have the reciept

  • Jay

    Been here over 1 yr. Was told by landlord it took 2 mos to get place liveable after previous tenants filth. Couple months after moving in, found dead adult bedbugs on back of couch. Soon began getting bit. All furniture was brand new & I’d never even seen a bedbug, nevermind had them. I assumed a guest brought them in. Its now a year later. Ive lost thousands in furniture, clothing, and bedding and my house is bare except 1 mattress. Spent hundreds on powders & pesticides, & countless hours killing & cleaning & burning. Now find fecal matter is along the ceilings and under cabinetry and is consistent w several years long infestation. They were here before us & i cant get rid bc they’re in the walls & foundation. What do I do

    • Laura Agadoni

      Hi Jay,
      If what you or the landlord have done has been DIY methods, your landlord (or you) should hire a professional. If you’ve already hired a pro, and the conditions you describe are still present, you should probably move.

  • Jorge rivera

    Hi I been having problems with my landlord I been telling him for 2 months I have bedbugs he told me its not his problem. His apartment had them bad that his wife thought she had chickenpox they bombed there apartment and a empty one never did mine I had to throw my bed away. Till this day he still aint doing anything I been taking money out my pocket to try and resolve the problem

  • Grossed out

    Moved in 3 months started getting big swollen bites when i slept on my couch…called landlord told i think spiders are biting me…did not inform me the 3 floors if the south east corner area of his building had bedbugs…i found oit it was a little red bug GROSSED OUT i calledvhim again…wqnts me to spend my money on laundry plastic bsgs and a matress n bed frame incasing…I DONTVHAVE THE MONEY….heard from one NEIGHBOR THE BED BUGS HAVE BEEN HERE 2VYEARS…PLUS RUMORS WERE THE OLD RENTER OF MY APARTMENT STARTED IT…I DONT HAVE CASH TO DO WHAT THE EXTERMINATOR instucted me to do…MUCH LESS MONEY TO RELOCATE….CAN I AND THE PEOPLE THAT MOVE IN UNKNOWINGLY AFTER ME SUE THIS SLUM LORD…HE KNEW HE HAD BEDBUGS WHY NOT INFORM US BEFOR

  • Grossed out

    Is there anything butter i can rub on my skin before i sleep…lavender eucalyptus. ..i get bit but my boyfriend doesn’t……threw my couches away…sleeping on blow bed in living room

  • Janelle

    Hello. I live in Ohio and have a few questions. We found bed bugs at our apartment so we did everything we knew to do. We contacted the landlord that day, vaccumed, steam cleaned the carpets, sprayed 90 percent alcohol, threw away the box spring,washed everything and stayed somewhere else. They sent an exterminator yesterday. Went to put the case on our mattress today and still found a live one. We don’t know if they checked the outlets like they were supposed to or if they found more or where. They sent us away and will only talk to the landlord and the landlords won’t give us information. So now what should we do?

    • Laura Agadoni

      Hi Janelle,
      You need to work something out with your landlord. They have to provide you with a place that is free from bedbugs. If the method they are using is not working, you might have a case to break the lease, or you might have a case to hire your own exterminator at your landlord’s expense.

      • Janelle

        Thanks for your response. The problem is, if we legally break the lease, do we get our deposit back? I don’t think we could afford to move without it.

        • Laura Agadoni

          Hi Janelle,
          I’m not an attorney, and this is not legal advice. I would think, however, that you would get back your security deposit as long as nothing is damaged. If you can break the lease because the landlord can’t make the unit habitable, the landlord would then need to treat the security deposit the same as they would for any tenant at move-out time. If you break the lease for no cause, however, then the landlord could probably keep the deposit.

  • SC renter

    I signed for my place in March and pay an extra $35 every month because we chose to have the gross carpets replaced with hardwood (which ended up being cheap bamboo pergo). However when the previous tennants moved out they found bed bugs in one of the 4 connected units and treated all units for them and replaced carpets with hard wood in all with no extra charge- however we are still charged extra since we signed before this. Is this legal? The landlord also didnt charge at least 2 of the 4 units (that are connected and all given the treatments and inconconvenced equally) aug+sept rent- however my unit (which we found a bed bug in along with cockroach infestation) was still charged for rent. Can she give them free rent but charge us?

  • Patrick

    Hello, I was recently notified by my tenant that she is having a bedbug issue. This isn’t the first time that she has had an issue 6 to 7 months ago she had an infestation as well and the home was treated by Terminex. TermineX issued her a three month warranty that has since expired. She has been living in this home for the past 3 yrs and previous tenants never had any issues with bugs. She is stating that the reoccurrence of bedbugs is due to the recent renovation of a shower. She states that there where “roots on the walls” and that’s the reason for the bugs. I don’t want to fight with her about it but she has many people living there that could have brought the bugs in and I feel that the burden of proof would be on her. Am I wrong?

  • Sarah

    I have had a bed bug issue in the apartment that I’ve been in for 3 months I had to end up writing the Better Business Bureau and the attorney general just to get the property management company to pay for the treatment I’ve had two treatments and I still don’t feel comfortable with the treatment that that was provided so I did see another bug and it’s been 3 weeks out since the last spraying but I have another dilemma the property that I live on has been now sold to a new Property Management Company so I don’t know what to do I do have a case with the Better Business but I’m going to go back and ask for more treatments to be paid for by the former company that owned the property at the time of my issue.

  • Ashley

    My neighbor has bed bugs (duplex) they have treated with heat on his side an mine an then 4 follow up treatments. The exterminator said the neighbor is still heavily infested because he won’t do anything to help the situation. I told my landlord but he just said they will continue to treat both sides. Is there away to report this. Why won’t my landlord evict them?

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