When Does a Guest Become a Tenant?

Written on June 6, 2016 by , updated on December 9, 2016

Guest becomes a tenant New roommates, visiting family, new boyfriends, and live-in nannies are all common scenarios. But when does a guest become a tenant?

What’s the Difference?

There is a thin line between what defines a guest and a tenant. Guests can be a huge liability if they start acting like tenants.

Some landlords would respond by saying “a tenant is someone who is one lease”. While true, this doesn’t account for guests that have taken up residence in your rental without your permission. Built into the tenant’s right of quiet enjoyment, guests are certainly allowed, but rogue tenants are not.

It’s extremely important for any adult occupant who is living there, to be on the lease. Otherwise, there is no legal accountability for them.

Examples of Tenants vs. Guests

College KidsReturning home for the summer or because they dropped outReturning home for Weekends, Spring/Winter Breaks, but always goes back to school.
Elderly Parents Moving in with children because they can no longer take care of themselvesVisiting children for a brief few weeks, or to help with a new child
Boyfriend, Girlfriend or FriendSpending most days and nights there - for weeks/months at a timeOnly visiting during the day, no matter how frequent
Hired Help, Nanny or Farm HandLiving on the propertyOnly on-site during normal business hours
Au PairLiving on the propertyBy definition, they live with the family, so they will always be a tenant.

Warning signs that a guest has become a tenant:

  • Guests who pay rent
  • Guests are receiving mail at the property
  • Guests that spend every night at the property
  • Guests that have moved-in furniture or pets
  • Guests that make maintenance requests

Other Considerations

  1. State laws are different regarding this issue, so be sure to check out Landlordology’s state guides to research this issue for yourself.
  2. This issue of how long a guest can stay should be addressed in your lease, such as no more than 10-14 days in any six-month period. 14 days should be enough time for any one friend or relative to visit in a six month period.


Should You Add the Guest to the Lease?

Again, it’s extremely important, and an industry best practice, for any adult occupant who is living there, to be on the lease. This is so 1) they are obligated to the lease, and 2) you know who is living there.

Confrontation is Uncomfortable

Most landlords I talk to prefer to ask the current tenant to add the new roommate to the lease. Yes, this is an uncomfortable conversation, but it’s also an opportunity to talk about renewing the lease at a higher rate and for a longer term!

The alternative is to serve the original tenant with a lease violation notice, and threaten to terminate the agreement.

Factors to Consider

Many of the factors that you should consider when trying to convert a guest to a tenant are:

  1. length of stay;
  2. existence of a lease or other “special contract for the room;”
  3. receipt of mail;
  4. access to cooking facilities;
  5. degree of control over the space (such as whether the person has his or her own key);
  6. whether the person has another residence; and
  7. the extent to which the person has made the dwelling his or her home for the time being

At the end of the day, give it the “Duck Test“:

If it looks like a duck, swims like a duck, and quacks like a duck, then it probably is a duck.

Take Preemptive Action

This whole situation of a guest becoming a tenant is fairly easy to avoid if you have a candid conversation with the current tenant explaining what is and is not allowed. The issue should also be addressed in your lease, and you could even ask your tenant to initial beside the lease portion that addresses this issue.

If you accept rent from a guest, you might have initiated a landlord-tenant relationship. If that is true, your new tenant might now have the same rights as any other tenant and will not be easy to remove, as a simple trespasser can.

It’s also a good idea to consult an attorney before the issue actually warrants one. That way, you can proceed with the right course of action as directed by the attorney.

Related: Never Accept Rent from a Non-Tenant

What Others Have to Say

Depending on the individual state laws with respect to the issue, once someone has started receiving mail at an address they have established residency. That can be done without someone actually occupying a property. If the guest spends more than half a month at a place they could also be considered a tenant at that point as well. Our lease forbids more than 14 nights in a month for anyone not named on the lease for this reason.
— Brian Levredge, First Property Management

For us, it’s not a big deal so long as the tenant on the lease still lives there and is current with the rent. We don’t allow our tenants to sublet without written permission which normally involves a new set of paperwork.
— Aaron Kinney Mobile Home Park Owner 

Summary – Prepare, don’t React

This very important issue will probably come up if you are a landlord for any length of time. The time to prepare for this situation is before it happens, not when it is happening.

If you have ever had a guest become a tenant, let me know in the comments how you handled it!

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  • Reonna

    My tenant just moved in on the 2nd and he told me him and his wife separated so she isn’t on the lease. But once he moved in she told me she was there too. Can I get her arrested for trespassing?

  • Heather Krough

    I live in a motel have for 25 months owners selling does he need written notice to enter room to show to buyer

    • Itene

      Only within written from tenant permission

    • DEE

      A Motel is considered transient accommodations and why housecleaning can just enter your room to change sheets and replace towels. At best they are considered an extended stay so they can throw you out the minute you don’t pay your hotel/motel bill. I would just try to work with management and and see if they will give you notice since you have been a long timer, most likely they are not going to create upheaval for a good paying customer.

  • Cabby hedges

    I just started renting a room at a low rate motel. I had nowhere else to go. I’ve been here two nights and am paid up till Saturday morning. They have excepted my dog, only because a friend of mine is a silent owner. I have had one visitor who has been in the room,both nights for limited times; however he has not spent the night and is not living nor intends to live here. No drug activity. Never loud and I clean it myself. Tonight the owner came up to me angry yelling at me I can not have anyone in my room because he says he doesn’t want the cops here. He insinuated I am either a Booker or dealing drugs which is the furthest from the truth. Does he have a legal right to threaten to kick me out if my friends come back inside my room?

  • Ashley

    I moved in with a lady after I was evicted from my apartments with my daughter. I enrolled her in school and had to have a residential affidavit signed and notarized with this lady saying my daughter and I lived at the address. This address is owned by the ladies ex who lets her stay rent free. She told me that I only had to help with groceries and if the power bill went up to pay the difference there was never a rental agreement. Now she is evicting me and my daughter saying I haven’t paid rent. We are in georgia I need to know My rights and I can’t let my daughter miss anymore school. Please help before I go respond to the eviction on Monday. Thank you

  • Leon Wolney

    I moved a friend in and they paid $50.00 a week,they been here for 2 months,there’s no lease and no mail comes here for them,how can I get them out of my house without getting into trouble by the courts

  • Matthew Stoddard

    “Yes, this is an uncomfortable conversation, but it’s also an opportunity to talk about renewing the lease at a higher rate and for a longer term!”

    What an inconsiderate, rude, and crooked thing to do.

  • Adam

    I moved into a friend’s place and was asked as rent to pay for food for myself. But have also been asked to pay for food of other tenants. Which I have. Now being told I’m getting kicked out do the need an eviction notice since I have been here for 3 months?

  • Sam

    I just moved into my unborn baby’s father’s apartment a month ago. he had broke up with his ex almost a yr ago she is still on the least she had moved out when they broke up. they do have kids together but when the news that im pregnant got to her she got mad. now she trying to kick me out and threatened to cops the cops if i dont leave, i guess im just asking if she could really do that even if my boyfriend is also on the lease?

  • Rhonda Heinstrom

    I have been living with a man for 5 years on and off. He is abusive and everytime i have left its because he threw me out in a drunken rage.
    I currently pressed charges for the first time. He was arrested. Broke the order then spent 8 days in jail. Hes been out of the apartment for3 weeks. And i have been here. He hasnt paid the rent. And they want to throw me out. I have offered to pay. They say im not on the lease. When is he considered no longer a tenant? How long does he have to stay away? Can i apply for the apartment?

  • Brittamy

    After a domestic abuse situation my mother asked me and my three children to move into her house we got into a fight after us being here for about 3 to 4 weeks and now she wants me out within 24 hours… Do I have any rights here? Or me and my kids screwed?

  • Charlotte Gray

    I been living in my boyfriend, now ex home. I cook clean and have all my belongings here. We use my furniture. I’m going out of town, and I fear he might try to move me out. I’ve been living here since September 2017. Can he just up and move me with out my permission. I pay no rent. When I moved in he said he’d take care of me, but I guess he’s moved on, while I still live here . Thank you for responding. 414-265-6875

  • olivia

    okay. my x lives in the house with her two girls. she hasnt paid any bills in a year. she was going to move out after the school year but she just told me hee credit is bad and cant. now her 17 year old is pregnant. can i still evict ?

  • Vikki

    I have a “guest” staying in my private resident. I have asked him to move because he has overextended his stay. He does not seem like he wants to leave. He does not get mail here (not even junk mail). Can I kick him out? I am in AZ.



  • Catherrine Clark

    my geandaughters ex asked to stay a couple days wont leave been a week how long before he can claim hes a tenant tricky because his little boy was living with me and still is

  • Mary

    I have a property where the tenant has a girlfriend visiting overnight. I’ve got limitations in the lease on how many nights she can stay per week but she is trying to assert rights that are prohibited to the tenant. For example, tenants are not allowed to smoke on the premises but she says that does not apply to visitors. Aren’t visitors bound by the same lease requirements as the tenant? And if so, is the tenant responsible for the rule violations of the visitor?

  • Sandra Bales

    I was asked by a platonic gentleman friend to come and help him (he had alot of medical problems and died Feb 9 of throat cancer ) I lived with him going on 2 years this August and was asked to move . I was not on his rental lease and facing eviction and being homeless. Im a senior citizen on a fixed income. His apartment is income based. Instead of transfering lease to my name. the landlords excuse was she has a long waiting list and his apartment was rented. What can I legally do to avoid eviction?

  • Kim

    So we’ve had family living with us for the last 7 months, they paid the gas and electric bills but they were not in their name, there’s no lease or contract. They started all kinds of trouble then moved out, I’m not sure if they changed address or are just having mail forwarded. how long do they have rights to our home? We are in Ohio

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