Top 20 Gifts for Real Estate Investors Under $20

Written on December 4, 2015 by , updated on December 9, 2016

Gifts for Real Estate InvestorsWe are about to be inundated with buying gifts for friends and family. Don’t forget that it’s the perfect time of year to spend some money on yourself and your business.

2016 is only a month away! Now is the time to start planning!

I wanted to put together a fun lift of gift ideas for yourself, your business or anybody you know that is thinking of getting into real estate investing.

If you think I left anything off, let me know in the comments!

Top 20 Gifts for Real Estate Investors

1. Keychain with Measuring Tape

Cost: $3

Lately I’ve had multiple construction projects going and needed a tape measure. Somehow my tape measure always ends up missing even though I have a toolbox mounted in the back of my truck. A keychain with a measuring tape is extremely useful.

2. Mini Flashlight

Cost: $10

Whether you are crawling around in a basement or an attic, or touring a house that doesn’t have power – it’s always helpful to have a good flashlight.

3. The Landlord’s Guide to Rent Collection

Cost: $10

This book was written by Lucas Hall who also manages Landlordology. Lucas is an expert in landlord issues and I think anyone who is serious about growing their rental portfolio needs this book. In my opinion, if a tenant isn’t paying nothing else matters. This book ensures that situation never happens.

4. The Ultimate Beginner’s Guide to Real Estate Investing Kindle Edition

Cost: Free

I can personally guarantee you get a positive ROI with this investment. I have a lot of respect for Brandon Turner. He started with $0 and built a million dollar real estate portfolio in less than 7 years before he was 30 years old. This book is a great general overview of real estate investing.

5. Evernote for Business Owners

Cost: Free

This gift is completely self-serving – as I wrote the book. However, I’m an avid user and I have used Evernote and Cozy to take my real estate business completely online. Evernote and Cozy saves me time and money. The only problem with Evernote is that because it is so big, it’s not that intuitive to use at first. Therefore, to learn how to automate your real estate business – buy this book.

6. Cozy (FREE)

Cost: Free

Ok, so you don’t typically give software – but this is a great software tool – that solves multiple pain points for landlords. If you have a digital following, it’s a great gift to your friends and followers:

7. Corrugated Yard Stakes

Cost: $20

These signs can be used to attract motivated buyers, motivated sellers, tenants and even garage sales. Note, these are just the stakes.

8. Rich Dad Poor Dad

Cost: $6

This is a tried and true book for every real estate investor. Literally, over 90% of the fellow landlord’s I meet say this book is the reason they have rental property. Excellent principles to learn from.

9. Business Cards

Cost: Free

VistaPrint can be a little amateurish BUT as I like to say “something is better than nothing.” I love leaving a business card with people I want to stay in-touch with. I like having a motivational quote with my name and cell phone number. This motivates people to keep it.

10. Cell Phone Battery Extender

Cost: $20

This was my wife’s saving grace at Disney World. If you are on-the-go in rural areas you need this! This one has a ton of 5-star review – AND – works with multiple devices. I highly recommend it.

11. A Night Out

Cost: Free

This gift can work multiple ways. If you are like me with a big family, you want somebody to watch your kids for free! However, if you don’t have kids plan a night out at the park or go hiking. It’s a fun night.

12. Amazon Gift Card

Cost: $20

EVERYBODY loves this. It’s a great general gift for someone who you want to show appreciation but don’t know them that well.

13. Home Depot / Lowes Gift Card

Cost: $20

If the real estate investor is an active landlord, then he or she will likely spend hundreds or thousands of dollars a year at these big box stores.

14. Toilet Plunger

Cost: $14

This is meant to be a joke – most people find it hilarious! Just be careful because some people are sensitive. I personally have found it hilarious and give a plunger to all the new real estate investors I help out after their first rental property deal. Everybody I have given it to finds it hilarious and practical.

15. Stamps

Cost: $14

Whether you are buying for a landlord, real estate agent, or just buying for yourself to pay bills – EVERYONE needs stamps!

16. Personalized Professional Stationery

Cost: $20

There is nothing that screams mediocrity when you use off-the shelf stationary.  Personalized stationery is the same cost – so why would you not buy personalized stationary to differentiate yourself?

17. Leads and Referrals

Cost: Free

I don’t care who you are: landlord, real estate agent, title company, loan officer, EVERYONE needs leads and referrals.

BONUS: Put the leads and referrals on your professional stationary referenced above.

18. A Multi-tool

Cost: $19

This is a fantastic tool for any Landlord or handyman. It is a pocket knife on steroids. It easily stores in a pocket or glove box, and will save your landlord countless trips to and from his home to pick up the “right tool”. In my opinion, Leatherman makes the best multi-tools. My other favorite is the Leatherman Wingman Multi-Tool.

19. Lockbox

Cost: $26

If I had to pick 1 thing that has drastically reduced my time and improved my productivity I would have to name the Lockbox. Instead of meeting realtors, vendors, maintenance people I just give them a lockbox code. This saves me a SIGNIFICANT amount of time and money (gas money – mostly). I highly recommend you have at least 1 of these, even if it is slightly above the $20 limit.

20. Framed photo of your first investment property

Cost: $15

This was my wife’s idea and I really like it. She is a photographer and a very visual person. Having a constant visual reminder of where you started will motivate you. You can also use a picture of a dream property you want to buy.


I hope you found this article useful and insightful. Do you have any ideas for any other gift for real estate investors? Let me know in the comments.

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