The Next Generation of Tenants Want More!

Written on January 4, 2013 by , updated on June 8, 2014

In a world of the increasingly demanding tenants, every landlord needs to maintain, and even improve their properties so that they stay competitive. The new generation of tenants are tech-savvy and want their home to be close to “everything” (don’t we all).

This Infographic describes what the new generation of renters are looking for in a rental property. Take a close look at the amenities you’ll need to provide to stay competitive with this growing market of renters.


A New Lease On Millenials: What Gen Y Renters Want

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  • tom winn

    Tenant next door illegaly raised grade of land to negatively impact my property- no permits, no site plans- the county has done little or nothing- can the landlord be cited or compelled to repair the work on his land so it does not affect mine?

    • Lucas Hall

      Hi Tom,
      The property owner can always be held liable for the actions of his/her tenants – but then the landlords will probably just sue the tenant. If the county won’t enforce the laws, it sounds like you need to talk to a lawyer and take someone to court (either the landlord, tenant, or the county (or many all three)).

  • Gerry

    As one who dips (heavily) into the well of seliadeprec-tfng humor, I had to smile at your comments. Well, that and the amazing outfits. That skirt is truly great, and I adore waistcoats, which I can't seem to find enough of here in the U.S. I think your strength comes across, clearly, in your personal style: the color, confidence, and free-spirited attitude of your outfits. I don't see a troubling lack of confidence in your blog. I also think that self-deprecation can be a good thing, though I might be in the minority here. So rock on!

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