Essential Tips for Being a Successful Landlord [ VIDEO ]

Written on November 3, 2014 by , updated on April 21, 2015

In this video, you’ll learn:

  1. Practical and Useful Landlord Tips for Every Step in the Rental Lifecycle;
  2. The Most Important Laws that Every Landlord Should Follow;
  3. Top List of Guides and Resources for Landlords.


Use these links to jump to various chapters in the video:

  1. Tips for Listings / Showings (6:32)
  2. Tips for Applications (12:02)
  3. Tips for Screening Tenants (16:35)
  4. Tips for Deposits (21:35)
  5. Tips for Leases (24:36)
  6. Tips for Move-in (27:45)
  7. Tips for Collecting Rent (32:28)
  8. Tips for Repairs and Maintenance (35:47)
  9. Tips for Renewals / Move-out (39:56)
  10. Rental Laws (43:05)
  11. Best Practices (51:42)
  12. Best Resources (53:13)
  13. About Cozy (55:32)
  14. Questions & Answers (58:00)

Supporting Links:

These links were mentioned in the presentation:

  • Cozy – Free, simple end-to-end rental management software for landlords and tenants.
  • State Laws – State-specific laws and regulations for residential rental properties.
  • The Landlord Guides – The definitive step-by-step guides for independent landlords.
  • The Landlord Lifecycle – The complete guide to the phases of renting a property and the related resources.
  • Services Directory – The best on and offline tools for managing rentals.
  • Ask a Lucas – A bite-sized Q&A podcast about landlording.
  • CirclePix -Professional photography for your rentals.
  • HelloSign, SignNow, and DocuSign – Electronic document signing tools.

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