Essential Tips for Being a Successful Landlord [ VIDEO ]

Written on November 3, 2014 by , updated on April 21, 2015

In this video, you’ll learn:

  1. Practical and Useful Landlord Tips for Every Step in the Rental Lifecycle;
  2. The Most Important Laws that Every Landlord Should Follow;
  3. Top List of Guides and Resources for Landlords.


Use these links to jump to various chapters in the video:

  1. Tips for Listings / Showings (6:32)
  2. Tips for Applications (12:02)
  3. Tips for Screening Tenants (16:35)
  4. Tips for Deposits (21:35)
  5. Tips for Leases (24:36)
  6. Tips for Move-in (27:45)
  7. Tips for Collecting Rent (32:28)
  8. Tips for Repairs and Maintenance (35:47)
  9. Tips for Renewals / Move-out (39:56)
  10. Rental Laws (43:05)
  11. Best Practices (51:42)
  12. Best Resources (53:13)
  13. About Cozy (55:32)
  14. Questions & Answers (58:00)

Supporting Links:

These links were mentioned in the presentation:

  • Cozy – Free, simple end-to-end rental management software for landlords and tenants.
  • State Laws – State-specific laws and regulations for residential rental properties.
  • The Landlord Guides – The definitive step-by-step guides for independent landlords.
  • The Landlord Lifecycle – The complete guide to the phases of renting a property and the related resources.
  • Services Directory – The best on and offline tools for managing rentals.
  • Ask a Lucas – A bite-sized Q&A podcast about landlording.
  • CirclePix -Professional photography for your rentals.
  • HelloSign, SignNow, and DocuSign – Electronic document signing tools.

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  • Joe Toben

    If two people are applying together and you run each of their credit reports. Is it legal to share the information on the credit report with one of them about their co-applicant?

    • Lucas Hall

      Hi Joe

      I’m not sure about “legally” but I suggest being overly cautious when dealing with personally identifiable information. Personally, I would not share information with another co-applicant without consent. If the other person uses it for ID theft, you could be held liable.

      I use Cozy ( to collect online applications and credit reports, and it only allows me (the landlord) and the applicable tenant to see the info. It keeps me everything secure for me.

  • Latasha

    Just do me a favor and keep writing such trnehcant analyses, OK?

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