Creating the Perfect Rental Ad

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How to Create the Perfect Rental Ad

Infographic: How to Create the Perfect Rental Ad

A well-crafted rental advertisement will help cultivate plenty of quality responses. The overall secret is to feature the best aspects of your rental space and include pertinent descriptive information in your ad.

Easy as 1-2-3

1. Give Specific Details.

Include details that aren’t seen in the property description, but don’t exaggerate. In Tip #14, I discuss the importance of accurately describing a property.

  • Always include the Price. Surprisingly, ads with prices get more views than those without.
  • Use rich adjectives: Spacious garage, Amazing views, Private fenced-in yard.
  • Be specific and include appealing or unique features, such as “Viking Oven and Range.” Viking is a luxury brand and will help you attract higher-end tenants.
  • Give directions using key landmarks to indicate the location of the apartment. Obviously use an embedded map, but you should also describe the distance. For example: “2.1 miles north on Main St. from the Kingstown Subway station.”

2. Photos, Photos, Photos.

Post as many photos as you can, but realize that every internet listing site has limits to how many photos you are allowed to upload. Always include pictures when posting to Craigslist! If you have more pictures than allowed, consider posting them to your Google+ page, and making the photos “public.” For really tech-savvy landlords, I recommend shooting a quick 3-minute video tour with your phone, and uploading it directly to YouTube. Then you can link to the YouTube page from your Craigslist ad.

At a minimum, pictures should cover these areas:

  • Kitchen (especially appliances)
  • Living room (from multiple angles)
  • Bathroom (including any storage areas)
  • Bedroom (don’t forget the closets!)
  • Any available outdoor or green space
  • Pool (wouldn’t that be nice :) )
  • Floor Plans and Dimensions (a simple sketch will suffice)

Pictures communicate much to a potential renter, therefore ensure the photos included are high quality and make the rental space look its best.

In a previous article, I discussed the considerations of furnishing the unit. Furnishing or staging a unit can sometimes help a tenant see past the empty rooms, and help them envision themselves living there. Regardless, the rental unit should look clean and clutter free.

Utilize natural or direct lighting.

  • Take pictures during the daytime or turn lamps and other direct lights on at night.
  • Don’t use a flash – it can make the area look artificial.
  • When taking a picture, keep the main light source behind you – but remember not to cast a shadow.

Try different angles!

  • Take pictures from the furthest corners so the room looks larger.
  • Taking pictures while crouching or kneeling is often a good method because it makes the ceilings look higher.

3. Make Your Rental Easy to Find!

When you create your listing, take search engine optimization (SEO) tactics into consideration to get more traffic for the listing.

Keywords: Primarily, use keywords that will help readers understand what the property has to offer. Identify specific locations. My favorites are: “Walking Distance to Metro” and “Stainless Steel Appliances.”

The optimization process helps people quickly determine if the listing is relevant to their search.The goal for creating quality listings is to improve the content of the listing so it can pull in more visitors from search engines.

Utilize Analytical Tools: There are several free tools available that help you analyze your traffic and monitor your website performance. My favorite tool is Google Analytics.

How to Create the Perfect Rental Ad


How to Create the Perfect Rental Ad

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