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Create a Custom Map for Your Rental Property

Written on September 20, 2013 by , updated on June 7, 2014

walk-scoreCreating a custom map for your rental property, and then highlighting local amenities will help get your property rented quickly.

It seems like every landlord is advertising that their rental property is only a 5 minutes from local shops, amenities, and restaurants.

Though advantageous, you still have to go above and beyond this text description to be competitive and draw in the type of tenants you want to attract.

Why it’s Important

When tenants are choosing a home, having strong visuals are key. It doesn’t matter how beautiful your copy is or how wonderful your stats sound, people need to imagine themselves living there.

Besides using amazing pictures, creating a custom map will help set your advertisement apart from the rest.

Creating your own custom map only takes a little time and it can really help promote a property. Not to mention it will put your property a step above the competition.

I would recommend even going the extra miles and annotating your maps with extra information (i.e. # of minutes to Train Station, etc.).

Marking your property on a map and highlighting local restaurants, markets, pubs, transportation, and other amenities will help get your property rented quickly.

Map Tools

There a few really great tools on the internet to help you create a map for your rental.  All of these tools are very easy to use, and either free or very inexpensive.


Walk Score (free & paid)

Walk Score is a great little tool that rates your property based on how “walkable” it is to things of interest.  The higher the walk score, the more attractive your property will be to tenants.  You can even link these maps in your craigslist ads.


Google Maps “My Places” (free)

Google Maps allows you to create a customized map, and then add points of interest.  You can also draw boundary lines, ad unique pins, insert custom text, and import YouTube videos to help visualize the property. Check out this Quick Tour.


99Designs ($10-$50)

99Designs is a marketplace of designers.  You can create an account for free, and then create a “project” for designers to bid on.  You can ask designers to build you a map of your area based on your address.

Dozens of designers will submit initial drafts of your map, and then you pick a winner.  If you don’t like any of the designs, then can walk away without spending a dime.

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