Cozy partners with the Rental Housing Association of Sacramento Valley

Written on August 4, 2016 by , updated on August 12, 2016

Cozy partners with RHA of Sacramento ValleyWe’re excited to announce our newest industry partner, the Rental Housing Association of Sacramento Valley (RHA).

This collaboration is part of a program we launched earlier this year to encourage landlords and property managers to join and participate in their local housing associations. We’re excited to partner with RHA and to be able to bring modern property management software to their members. We look forward to the years ahead.

Without further ado, Jim Lofgren, Executive Director of RHA, will tell you more about why RHA joined forces with Cozy.

What does the RHA of Sacramento Valley do, and who do you serve?

Jim Lofgren

Jim Lofgren, Executive Director of RHA

Jim: The Rental Housing Association is a non-profit membership organization created by rental owners to help and protect rental owners. Renting homes or apartments, either as a private investor or a professional property manager, is complicated nowadays. That’s where RHA comes in.

We support our members with a wide range of services, such as rental forms, tenant screening, property management advice, education, networking events, and advocacy with the local government. We’ve been around since 1951, and our membership includes more than 1,000 individual rental owners and property management companies, managing more than 85,000 rental units throughout the 8-county Sacramento Valley region.

How did you become the executive director of RHA?

“I help provide a basic human need for thousands of families”

Jim: I’ve spent my career managing non-profit associations in higher education, homebuilding, general contracting, and now, rental housing. I was attracted to the rental housing industry because, in a way, I help provide a basic human need for thousands of families, and I like that.

What are the greatest challenges of the job? The greatest rewards?

Jim: The greatest challenge is trying to deliver high-quality services at a reasonable cost for our members. I am a perfectionist, and it’s hard to settle for anything less. But the greatest reward is when our members tell us we’re the best at what we do.

What’s changed during the 19 years you’ve been overseeing the association?

Jim: Technology has changed how everyone manages rental housing, as well as how associations are managed. I remember when tenant screening reports were ordered by phone, rental applications and leases were faxed, vacancies were advertised in newspapers, and property inspections were recorded on paper. Now most of our members perform these tasks on the internet or an app on their smart phone.

Some landlords and property managers have embraced technology and others have decided to keep managing their properties the way they always have. It’s their choice, but the world is changing, and fortunately or unfortunately, using the latest technology is necessary if managers what to be more efficient and competitive.

What technologies do your members still need and how does the RHA help them discover/adopt those technologies?

Jim: While new technologies keep popping up all the time, our members have trouble keeping up with all the new products and services, as well as learning how to use them. RHA helps by introducing our members to new technology, then offering training to help them get started.

How did you first learn about Cozy?

Jim: One day I happened to find, and I was very impressed with the info on the site, especially the links to websites providing services to help rental owners manage their properties with greater efficiency. Cozy was at the top of the list.

What first gave you the idea to partner with Cozy?

“… when Cozy offered to partner with RHA, it was easy to say ‘yes’.”

Jim: I’m always looking for ways to help our members manage their properties, and Cozy packages several important core services. Also, it’s easy to use. So when Cozy offered to partner with RHA, it was easy to say “yes.”

How will RHA members benefit most from this partnership?

Jim: I think a synergy will develop between Cozy and RHA. Lucas Hall, Head of Industry Relations at Cozy and Founder of Landlordology, is creative and knowledgeable when it comes to property management. Lucas, and the rest of Team Cozy, will advertise the benefits of our association, as well as provide educational support to our members. Cozy has a huge platform that reaches millions of landlords and property managers a year. Partnering with Cozy is like adding multiple talented, tech-savvy employees to our staff, without the overhead. We’re excited to have Cozy help our members learn how to use new technologies.

What else will the association gain from working with Cozy?

“Cozy will help us spread the news, and that should boost our membership.”

Jim: Cozy will help publicize RHA. Sometimes we’re so busy helping our existing members that we can’t pursue new rental owners and managers. Cozy will help us spread the news about RHA to our target audience, and that should boost our membership.

What makes you most excited about this partnership?

“Our partnership with Cozy enables us to offer the best services to our members.”

Jim: RHA strives to offer the best services for our members. Our partnership with Cozy enables us to do that. I am excited to introduce our members to everything Cozy has to offer.

If you’re interested in learning more about our partnership program, send us an email at

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