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Boric Acid is the Best Roach Killer

Written on January 18, 2013 by , updated on July 30, 2014

WARNING: Any product that will kill a roach, is usually somewhat dangerous to humans.Therefore, be mindful of pets, babies, and tenants when treating your rental property.

Boric Acid

I’ve tried almost every roach-killing chemical out there and the winner seems to always be Boric Acid – which is an inexpensive do-it-yourself product that can be found at most big grocery stores and all hardware stores.

In my opinion, Boric Acid is the best roach killer because it works. period.

Harris – My Favorite Brand

Roach Killer Powder, 16 ozHarris Roach Killer Powder is my favorite brand because it’s cheap and seems to work faster than other brands. When I use it, my roach problems go away – which is all I really care about. The tablets also come in handy.

The reason I use Harris, is because I’ve found that other brands sometimes dilute the product with filler, making it not as potent and less effective.

One easy trick is to mix the powder with sweetened condensed milk until it becomes a sticky paste.  The paste is an edible poison that the roaches cannot resist.

When my tenants complain about roaches, as a measure of good faith, I usually buy some Harris Brand Boric Acid (which comes in tablet and powder form), and spend 10 minutes putting it all around the house – anywhere that I think roaches might be hiding.  The powder comes in handy for laying a line of poison or squeezing it into holes and hard-to-reach places.

If there are too many roaches already, and an infestation is already well underway, I just simply call an exterminator and make my tenants pay for it (per the lease of course).  Boric Acid usually works in 1-5 days, but if the problem is an urgent one, exterminators will treat the property with high-powered chemicals and “bombs”.  Just be mindful of your tenants and pets before going nuclear.

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