Bike Storage for Small Places: Where Do I Store My Bikes in an Apartment?

Written on November 3, 2016 by , updated on November 5, 2016

Bike StorageIn my college dorm room, I had a mountain bike, a road bike, and a commuter bike. I had a real bike storage issue.

I was a bike-a-holic and I loved it.

If you are a fellow bike enthusiast, you know that this seems very reasonable. What is unreasonable is trying to keep too many bikes in a studio apartment without a plan to store them. Bicycles take up a lot of space.

I had a bike in each room: the den, the kitchen, and my bedroom. I joked with my girlfriend that I should get another bike for the bathroom!

Even Cozy, the company behind Landlordology, uses creative bike storage techniques in their office to ensure everyone who wants to bike to work, can.

Having been there, and done that, I’ve explored all manors of bike storage. Here are my favorite four places to store bikes to maximize space – especially when living in a small apartment.

1. A Closet

Bike crane

Keep your bike out of sight, and in your closet. This sounds great, but it works only if you don’t have many clothes. If that’s the case, you can keep the clothes you do have in a hanging wardrobe or dresser.

Be careful not to store your bike next to your nice clothes. You will inevitably get your clothes greasy from your bike chain or dirty from your tires.

If you don’t have a main closet in your apartment, use the laundry room or a separate coat closet. Lifting your bike to the ceiling using a bike pulley system can free up a tremendous amount of space.

2. Behind Large Furniture

Bike above the couch

Consider storing your bike against the wall in the main room, behind a television or couch.

Shoving it behind a couch is usually the simplest method of storing a bike – although typically not the most attractive. Some people don’t like doing this because the bike will be prominently displayed. For others, a bike is a showpiece, and they love having it on display for all to see!

This method really takes advantage of unused space while still only consuming a few inches of square footage.

3. The Porch or Balcony

bike tent for balconyIf you have an outside porch or balcony, you might wish to store your bike there. This option requires you to take certain precautions.

  1. Use a bike cover to protect your bike from the weather.
  2. Lock your bike if it’s in a place that’s easy for someone to grab.

A balcony is generally safe from theft. This depends, however, on which floor you’re on and how close your balcony is to your neighbor’s balcony.

I’ve enjoyed using a bike tent to keep my bike out of sight and protected from the weather.

4. A Stand, Clips, or DIY

Bike stand

If you have multiple bikes, I highly recommend getting a stand and placing it in your bedroom. The only problem with bike stands is that most of them require you to drill holes in the wall, which your landlord might not appreciate.

I did find this self-supporting bike stand and can hold two bikes.

An inexpensive alternative can be found in these vertical bike clips. They are very stylish and minimalistic. Additionally, because this method requires the bike to be elevated, it takes up minimal floor space.

Besides the clips, a lot of bike stands are expensive. If you are interested in making your own bike stand, check out these amazing examples.

Bottom Line

You might want to consolidate down to one bike that’s functional for your needs. If my roommates decided they also wanted bikes, we would potentially have had 12 bikes in a single dorm room!

I ended up selling my road and commuter bikes. My mountain bike, although not as comfortable for city riding, was still functional as a commuter bike.


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