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Name / LinkStateType
Apartment Association of Southeastern Wisconsin
Official Cozy Partner
WisconsinApartment Association (AA)
Apartment Association of New Mexico
Official Cozy Partner
New MexicoApartment Association (AA)
Northern Virginia Apartment Association
Official Cozy Partner
VirginiaApartment Association (AA)
National Apartment AssociationNationwideApartment Association (AA)
National Association of Residential Property ManagersNationwideRental Housing Association (RHA)
Alabama Apartment AssociationAlabamaApartment Association (AA)
Mobile Bay Area Apartment AssociationAlabamaApartment Association (AA)
Greater Birmingham Apartment AssociationAlabamaApartment Association (AA)
Alabama Real Estate Investors AssociationAlabamaReal Estate Investment Association (REIA)
Apartment Association of North AlabamaAlabamaApartment Association (AA)
River Region Apartment AssociationAlabamaApartment Association (AA)
The Greater Birmingham Apartment Association (GBAA)AlabamaApartment Association (AA)
Phoenix Real Estate ClubArizonaReal Estate Investment Association (REIA)
Arizona Multihousing AssociationArizonaApartment Association (AA)
Arizona REIAArizonaReal Estate Investment Association (REIA)
Northwest Arkansas Apartment AssociationArkansasApartment Association (AA)
Central Arkansas Real Estate Investors AssociationArkansasReal Estate Investment Association (REIA)
Arkansas Apartment AssociationArkansasApartment Association (AA)
Apartment Association of California Southern CitiesCaliforniaApartment Association (AA)
Apartment Association of Greater Los AngelesCaliforniaApartment Association (AA)
San Francisco Apartment AssociationCaliforniaApartment Association (AA)
San Diego County Apartment AssociationCaliforniaApartment Association (AA)
Santa Barbara Rental Property AssociationCaliforniaApartment Association (AA)
CAA of Sacramento ValleyCaliforniaApartment Association (AA)
Santa Barbara REIACaliforniaReal Estate Investment Association (REIA)
Southern Alameda County RHACaliforniaRental Housing Association (RHA)
Prosperity Through Real EstateCaliforniaReal Estate Investment Association (REIA)
North Valley Property Owners AssociationCaliforniaApartment Association (AA)
Nor Cal Rental Property AssociationCaliforniaApartment Association (AA)
North Coast RHACaliforniaRental Housing Association (RHA)
Kern County Apartment AssociationCaliforniaApartment Association (AA)
California Apartment AssociationCaliforniaApartment Association (AA)
Berkeley Property Owners AssociationCaliforniaApartment Association (AA)
Apartment Association, California Southern CitiesCaliforniaApartment Association (AA)
Apartment Owners Association of CaliforniaCaliforniaApartment Association (AA)
Apartment Association of Orange CountyCaliforniaApartment Association (AA)
San Diego Creative Investors AssociationCaliforniaReal Estate Investment Association (REIA)
Rental Housing Coalition-Desert CitiesCaliforniaApartment Association (AA)
LA South REICaliforniaReal Estate Investment Association (REIA)
East Bay Rental Housing AssociationCaliforniaRental Housing Association (RHA)
California Rental Housing AssociationCaliforniaRental Housing Association (RHA)
Apartment Association, Greater Inland EmpireCaliforniaApartment Association (AA)
Colorado Landlords AssociationColoradoRental Housing Association (RHA)
Weld County Apartment AssociationColoradoApartment Association (AA)
Northern Colorado Rental Housing AssociationColoradoRental Housing Association (RHA)
Colorado Apartment AssociationColoradoApartment Association (AA)
Apartment Association of Metro DenverColoradoApartment Association (AA)
Apartment Association of Southern Colorado (AASC)ColoradoApartment Association (AA)
Investment Communities of the RockiesColoradoReal Estate Investment Association (REIA)
Connecticut Property Owners AllianceConnecticutRental Housing Association (RHA)
Connecticut Apartment AssociationConnecticutApartment Association (AA)
SoCT Real Estate Investment AssociationConnecticutReal Estate Investment Association (REIA)
Connecticut REIAConnecticutReal Estate Investment Association (REIA)
Delaware Apartment AssociationDelawareApartment Association (AA)
Delaware Real Estate Investor Association LLCDelawareReal Estate Investment Association (REIA)
Traction REIADistrict of ColumbiaReal Estate Investment Association (REIA)
Florida Gulf Coast REIAFloridaReal Estate Investment Association (REIA)
South East Florida Apartment AssociationFloridaApartment Association (AA)
Sun Coast Apartment AssociationFloridaApartment Association (AA)
Apartment Association of Greater OrlandoFloridaApartment Association (AA)
Tri-City Apartment AssociationFloridaApartment Association (AA)
Southwest Florida Apartment AssociationFloridaApartment Association (AA)
Space Coast Apartment AssociationFloridaApartment Association (AA)
North Central Florida Apartment AssociationFloridaApartment Association (AA)
Florida Apartment AssociationFloridaApartment Association (AA)
Emerald Coast Apartment Association of NW FloridaFloridaApartment Association (AA)
Capital City Apartment AssociationFloridaApartment Association (AA)
Bay County Multi-Housing AssociationFloridaApartment Association (AA)
Bay Area Apartment AssociationFloridaApartment Association (AA)
First Coast Apartment AssociationFloridaApartment Association (AA)
Tropical REIAFloridaReal Estate Investment Association (REIA)
REIF-JacksonvilleFloridaReal Estate Investment Association (REIA)
Marion County REIA (MC-REIA)FloridaReal Estate Investment Association (REIA)
Central Florida Realty investors AssociationFloridaReal Estate Investment Association (REIA)
Broward REIAFloridaReal Estate Investment Association (REIA)
Greater Savannah Apartment AssociationGeorgiaApartment Association (AA)
Georgia Apartment AssociationGeorgiaApartment Association (AA)
Columbus Apartment AssociationGeorgiaApartment Association (AA)
Atlanta Apartment AssociationGeorgiaApartment Association (AA)
Apartment Association of Greater AugustaGeorgiaApartment Association (AA)
Mid Georgia Apartment AssociationGeorgiaApartment Association (AA)
North Metro Real Estate Investors AssociationGeorgiaReal Estate Investment Association (REIA)
Georgia Real Estate Investors AssociationGeorgiaReal Estate Investment Association (REIA)
Hawaii Real Estate InvestorsHawaiiReal Estate Investment Association (REIA)
Idaho Rental Owners & Managers AssociationIdahoApartment Association (AA)
Illinois Rental Prop Owners AssocIllinoisRental Housing Association (RHA)
Chicagoland Apartment AssociationIllinoisApartment Association (AA)
Springfield Area Landlord Association (SALA)¾IllinoisReal Estate Investment Association (REIA)
Chicago Creative Investors AssociationIllinoisReal Estate Investment Association (REIA)
Chicago Area REIAIllinoisReal Estate Investment Association (REIA)
McLean County Area Landlord Association (MCALA)IllinoisRental Housing Association (RHA)
Metro East REIAIllinoisReal Estate Investment Association (REIA)
Illinois REIAIllinoisReal Estate Investment Association (REIA)
Apartment Association of Terre HauteIndianaApartment Association (AA)
Tippecanoe Apartment AssociationIndianaApartment Association (AA)
Northern Indiana Apartment CouncilIndianaApartment Association (AA)
Indiana Apartment AssociationIndianaApartment Association (AA)
Apartment Association of Fort Wayne/NE IndianaIndianaApartment Association (AA)
Indiana Affordable Housing AssocIndianaRental Housing Association (RHA)
Apartment Association of Southern IndianaIndianaApartment Association (AA)
REIA of North Central IndianaIndianaReal Estate Investment Association (REIA)
Central Indiana Real Estate Investor Association (CIREIA)IndianaReal Estate Investment Association (REIA)
Northwest Indiana Creative Investors AssociationIndianaReal Estate Investment Association (REIA)
Greater Iowa Apartment AssociationIowaApartment Association (AA)
Landlords of Linn CountyIowaApartment Association (AA)
Greater Iowa City Apartment AssociationIowaApartment Association (AA)
Iowa Real Estate Investors AssociationIowaReal Estate Investment Association (REIA)
Rural Rental Housing of KansasKansasRental Housing Association (RHA)
Apartment Association of Greater WichitaKansasApartment Association (AA)
Apartment Council of TopekaKansasApartment Association (AA)
Apartment Association of Kansas CityKansasApartment Association (AA)
Mid-America Association of Real Estate InvestorsKansasReal Estate Investment Association (REIA)
Louisville Apartment AssociationKentuckyApartment Association (AA)
Greater Lexington Apartment AssociationKentuckyApartment Association (AA)
The Greater Cincinnati & Northern Kentucky Apartment AssociationKentuckyApartment Association (AA)
Shreveport-Bossier Apartment AssociationLouisianaApartment Association (AA)
Northeast Louisiana Apartment AssociationLouisianaApartment Association (AA)
Houma-Thibodaux Apartment AssociationLouisianaApartment Association (AA)
Baton Rouge Apartment AssociationLouisianaApartment Association (AA)
Apartment Association of Greater New OrleansLouisianaApartment Association (AA)
New Orleans REIALouisianaReal Estate Investment Association (REIA)
Maine Apartment AssociationMaineApartment Association (AA)
Mid Atlantic Real Estate Investors AssociationMarylandReal Estate Investment Association (REIA)
Maryland Multi-Housing AssociationMarylandApartment Association (AA)
Apartment & Office Building Association (AOBA)District of ColumbiaApartment Association (AA)
Massachusetts Rental Housing Assoc.MassachusettsRental Housing Association (RHA)
MassLandlords.netMassachusettsRental Housing Association (RHA)
Northern Worcester County Landlord AssociationMassachusettsReal Estate Investment Association (REIA)
New England REIAMassachusettsReal Estate Investment Association (REIA)
Boston Real Estate Investors AssociationMassachusettsReal Estate Investment Association (REIA)
Washtenaw Area Apartment AssociationMichiganApartment Association (AA)
Property Management Association of West MichiganMichiganApartment Association (AA)
Property Management Association of Mid-MichiganMichiganApartment Association (AA)
Property Management Association of MichiganMichiganApartment Association (AA)
Detroit Metropolitan Apartment AssociationMichiganApartment Association (AA)
RPOA of Kent CountyMichiganReal Estate Investment Association (REIA)
REIA of MacombMichiganReal Estate Investment Association (REIA)
Michigan REIAMichiganReal Estate Investment Association (REIA)
Genesee Landlord AssociationMichiganReal Estate Investment Association (REIA)
Minnesota Multi Housing AssociationMinnesotaRental Housing Association (RHA)
Minnesota Real Estate ExchangorsMinnesotaReal Estate Investment Association (REIA)
Minnesota REIAMinnesotaReal Estate Investment Association (REIA)
Greater Gulf Coast Apartment AssociationMinnesotaApartment Association (AA)
Southwest Missouri Rental Housing AssociationMissouriApartment Association (AA)
Greater Springfield Apartment & Housing AssociationMissouriApartment Association (AA)
St. Louis Apartment AssociationMissouriApartment Association (AA)
Landlords, Inc.MissouriReal Estate Investment Association (REIA)
Missouri Apartment AssociationMissouriApartment Association (AA)
Mid-Missouri Apartment AssociationMissouriApartment Association (AA)
Mid Missouri Rental Properties AssociationMissouriApartment Association (AA)
Columbia Apartment AssociationMissouriApartment Association (AA)
Mid-America Association of Real Estate InvestorsMissouriReal Estate Investment Association (REIA)
Kansas City Investment GroupMissouriReal Estate Investment Association (REIA)
Metro East REIAMissouriReal Estate Investment Association (REIA)
Apartment Association of NebraskaNebraskaApartment Association (AA)
Nevada State Apartment AssociationNevadaApartment Association (AA)
Northern Nevada Multi Housing AssociationNevadaApartment Association (AA)
REIA Las VegasNevadaReal Estate Investment Association (REIA)
Apartment Association of New HampshireNew HampshireApartment Association (AA)
New Hampshire Real Estate Investors Association/a>New HampshireReal Estate Investment Association (REIA)
New Hampshire REIANew HampshireReal Estate Investment Association (REIA)
New Jersey Apartment AssociationNew JerseyApartment Association (AA)
Metro REIANew JerseyReal Estate Investment Association (REIA)
South Jersey REIANew JerseyReal Estate Investment Association (REIA)
New York Capital Region Apartment AssociationNew YorkApartment Association (AA)
REIA NYCNew YorkReal Estate Investment Association (REIA)
Long Island Real Estate Investment AssociationNew YorkReal Estate Investment Association (REIA)
Freedom 1st REIA, Ltd.New YorkReal Estate Investment Association (REIA)
East Coast REIANew YorkReal Estate Investment Association (REIA)
Apartment Association of North CarolinaNorth CarolinaApartment Association (AA)
Carolina Real Estate Investor AssociationNorth CarolinaReal Estate Investment Association (REIA)
Fayetteville Real Estate Investor AssociationNorth CarolinaReal Estate Investment Association (REIA)
Metrolina Real Estate Investors AssociationNorth CarolinaReal Estate Investment Association (REIA)
RTP REIANorth CarolinaReal Estate Investment Association (REIA)
Triad Real Estate Investors AssociationNorth CarolinaReal Estate Investment Association (REIA)
Triangle Real Estate Investors AssociationNorth CarolinaReal Estate Investment Association (REIA)
Coastal Carolina Real Estate Investors AssociationNorth CarolinaReal Estate Investment Association (REIA)
North Dakota Apartment AssociationNorth DakotaApartment Association (AA)
Greater Red River Apartment AssociationNorth DakotaApartment Association (AA)
Bismarck-Mandan Apartment AssociationNorth DakotaApartment Association (AA)
Tri-State REIA LLCNorth DakotaReal Estate Investment Association (REIA)
Northeast Ohio Apartment Association, NOAAOhioApartment Association (AA)
Greater Dayton Apartment AssociationOhioApartment Association (AA)
Columbus Apartment Association (OH)OhioApartment Association (AA)
Lake Erie Landlords AssociationOhioRental Housing Association (RHA)
Greater Cincinnati Northern Kentucky Apartment AssociationOhioApartment Association (AA)
REIA of ToledoOhioReal Estate Investment Association (REIA)
Mid-Ohio Real Estate Investor’«s AssociationOhioReal Estate Investment Association (REIA)
Great Lakes REIAOhioReal Estate Investment Association (REIA)
REIA of Greater CincinnatiOhioReal Estate Investment Association (REIA)
Greater Dayton Real Estate Investors AssociationOhioReal Estate Investment Association (REIA)
GCNKAAOhioReal Estate Investment Association (REIA)
Tulsa Apartment AssociationOklahomaApartment Association (AA)
Apartment Association of Central OklahomaOklahomaApartment Association (AA)
Oklahoma City Real Estate Investor AssociationOklahomaReal Estate Investment Association (REIA)
Multifamily NWOregonRental Housing Association (RHA)
Oregon Rental Housing AssociationOregonRental Housing Association (RHA)
Central Oregon Rental Owners AssociationOregonApartment Association (AA)
Klamath RHAOregonRental Housing Association (RHA)
Northwest REIAOregonReal Estate Investment Association (REIA)
Portland Area Rental Owners AssociationOregonRental Housing Association (RHA)
PAA WestPennsylvaniaApartment Association (AA)
Pennsylvania Residential Property Owners AssociationPennsylvaniaRental Housing Association (RHA)
Pennsylvania Apartment AssociationPennsylvaniaApartment Association (AA)
PAA CentralPennsylvaniaApartment Association (AA)
Apartment Association of NW PAPennsylvaniaApartment Association (AA)
Apartment Owners of NW PennsylvaniaPennsylvaniaApartment Association (AA)
Apartment Association of Lawrence CountyPennsylvaniaApartment Association (AA)
Apartment Association of Greater PennsylvaniaPennsylvaniaApartment Association (AA)
West Chester Apartment Housing AssociationPennsylvaniaReal Estate Investment Association (REIA)
CARPOAPennsylvaniaReal Estate Investment Association (REIA)
Apartment Association of Northwestern PAPennsylvaniaReal Estate Investment Association (REIA)
ACRE of PittsburghPennsylvaniaReal Estate Investment Association (REIA)
Diversified Real Estate Investor GroupPennsylvaniaReal Estate Investment Association (REIA)
Rhode Island Apartment AssociationRhode IslandApartment Association (AA)
Upper State Apartment AssociationSouth CarolinaApartment Association (AA)
Myrtle Beach Apartment AssociationSouth CarolinaApartment Association (AA)
Midlands REIASouth CarolinaReal Estate Investment Association (REIA)
Lowlands REIASouth CarolinaReal Estate Investment Association (REIA)
Charleston Apartment AssociationSouth CarolinaApartment Association (AA)
Beaufort County Apartment AssociationSouth CarolinaApartment Association (AA)
Apartment Association of Greater ColumbiaSouth CarolinaApartment Association (AA)
South Dakota Multi-Housing AssociationSouth DakotaApartment Association (AA)
Black Hills Area Multi-Housing AssociationSouth DakotaApartment Association (AA)
Tennessee Apartment AssociationTennesseeApartment Association (AA)
Tri-City Apartment AssociationTennesseeApartment Association (AA)
Greater Nashville Apartment AssociationTennesseeApartment Association (AA)
Apartment Association of Greater MemphisTennesseeApartment Association (AA)
Apartment Association of Greater KnoxvilleTennesseeApartment Association (AA)
Chattanooga Apartment AssociationTennesseeApartment Association (AA)
Real Estate Investors of NashvilleTennesseeReal Estate Investment Association (REIA)
Memphis Investors GroupTennesseeReal Estate Investment Association (REIA)
Knoxville Real Estate InvestorsTennesseeReal Estate Investment Association (REIA)
Jackson Area REIATennesseeReal Estate Investment Association (REIA)
Tyler Apartment AssociationTexasApartment Association (AA)
Texarkana Apartment AssociationTexasApartment Association (AA)
Texas Apartment AssociationTexasApartment Association (AA)
Apartment Association of Southeast TexasTexasApartment Association (AA)
San Antonio Apartment AssociationTexasApartment Association (AA)
Permian Basin Apartment AssociationTexasApartment Association (AA)
North Texas Rental Properties AssociationTexasRental Housing Association (RHA)
Lubbock Apartment AssociationTexasApartment Association (AA)
Greater Longview Apartment AssociationTexasApartment Association (AA)
Heart of Texas Apartment AssociationTexasApartment Association (AA)
Houston Apartment AssociationTexasApartment Association (AA)
Galveston County Apartment AssociationTexasApartment Association (AA)
El Paso Apartment AssociationTexasApartment Association (AA)
Corsicana Apartment AssociationTexasApartment Association (AA)
Big Country Apartment AssociationTexasApartment Association (AA)
Bryan College Station Apartment AssociationTexasApartment Association (AA)
Austin Apartment AssociationTexasApartment Association (AA)
Apartment Association of Tarrant CountyTexasApartment Association (AA)
Apartment Association of the PanhandleTexasApartment Association (AA)
Apartment Association of Greater DallasTexasApartment Association (AA)
Apartment Association of Central TexasTexasApartment Association (AA)
Realty Investment Club of HoustonTexasReal Estate Investment Association (REIA)
El Paso Investors Club, EPICTexasReal Estate Investment Association (REIA)
Alamo REIATexasReal Estate Investment Association (REIA)
Rio Grande Valley Real Estate Investor ClubTexasReal Estate Investment Association (REIA)
Utah Apartment AssociationUtahApartment Association (AA)
Utah REIAUtahReal Estate Investment Association (REIA)
Vermont Rental Property Owners AssociationVermontRental Housing Association (RHA)
Vermont Apartment Owners AssociationVermontRental Housing Association (RHA)
Virginia Apartment Management AssociationVirginiaApartment Association (AA)
Roanoke Valley Apartment AssociationVirginiaApartment Association (AA)
Blue Ridge Apartment Council (BRAC)VirginiaApartment Association (AA)
Valley Landlords AssociationVirginiaApartment Association (AA)
Traction REIAVirginiaReal Estate Investment Association (REIA)
Tidewater Real Estate Investors Group (TRIG)VirginiaReal Estate Investment Association (REIA)
Washington Multi-Family Housing AssocationWashingtonApartment Association (AA)
Washington Rental Owners AssociationWashingtonApartment Association (AA)
Clark County Rental AssociationWashingtonRental Housing Association (RHA)
Real Estate Association of Puget SoundWashingtonReal Estate Investment Association (REIA)
RHA of WashingtonWashingtonRental Housing Association (RHA)
Fox Valley Apartment AssociationWisconsinApartment Association (AA)
Wausau Area Apartment AssociationWisconsinApartment Association (AA)
Central Wisconsin Apartment AssociationWisconsinApartment Association (AA)
Milwaukee REIAWisconsinReal Estate Investment Association (REIA)
Appleton REIAWisconsinReal Estate Investment Association (REIA)
Apartment Owners & Managers Association of WisconsinWisconsinApartment Association (AA)

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