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Ask Lucas 002: How Much Can I Raise the Rent?


Today’s question is from Stan in Austin, Texas, who is asking if there is a limit on amount he can raise the rent.

Full Transcript:

Lucas: Hey, what’s up everyone? This is Lucas Hall from Landlordology and Cozy. Welcome to Ask Lucas, a bite-sized Q&A show where I answer your questions about landlording, real estate investing, property management, and really anything having to do with rental properties. I believe that landlording can be fun and profitable and I want to teach you how. I’m here for you, and in each episode I’ll be featuring a brand new voicemail question from someone just like you. Today we have a question from Stan in Texas. He wants to know about raising the rent.

Stan: Hi Lucas, my name’s Stan. I live in Austin, Texas and I’ve got two properties. I’m looking to raise the rent, and I was wondering how much can I legally raise the rent as a landlord?

Lucas: Hey Stan, that is an awesome question because every landlord thinks about raising the rent and wants to get the most money out of their property that they can. In Texas, based on my limited research, I couldn’t figure out and couldn’t find any statute that actually regulates how much you can raise the rent. That’s actually good news for you because that means you can raise the rent to whatever the market will allow. Although, I will tell you you should check out to see if Austin has any particular county or city rules that change how you can raise the rent and what the percentage is or how many days notice you have to give. Sometimes it can get a little tricky if you’re dealing with rent control or section 8 housing or things like that. Anyway, look into your county laws but from a state level you’re good. I would just make sure you give them at least thirty days notice even though there’s also no statute about that, just so they can plan.

Anyway, good luck. If you need any more information on Texas state laws you can go to Landlordology dot com, forward slash state dash laws and then click on Texas. There’s a ton of links to the actual statutes where that’s the law and you can research that to your heart’s desire. With that said, I’m not a lawyer, I’m just an experienced landlord, and if you’re looking for actual legal advice you should talk to a local attorney who’s licensed in your area and one who has some experience on landlord-tenant law. Thanks again. Have a great day and happy landlording.

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