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About the Show

Every week our Chief Landlordologist Lucas Hall answers questions submitted from someone like you!

Feel free to ask anything about landlording, real estate investing, property management, or anything else related to rental properties.

We’ll all succeed if we stick together!

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General Guidelines

Ask Lucas is intended to be fun and helpful by answering real questions from people like you.

Please use common sense and courtesy when asking your questions.

We listen to every question, although only those that qualify and appeal to a broad audience, will be featured on the show.

We will never call you back.

Don’t expect a response.

If your request is time-sensitive, then email me directly. It can take us a week or longer to listen to new questions and respond online.

By submitting a voicemail question, you’re allowing us to share the audio publicly on this site as specified in our Terms of Use.

Thanks for your support, and thanks for listening!

Sample Script

A great question starts similarly to this:

“Hi, my name is Rhett Butler and I’m a landlord/property manager from Denver, CO. My website is My question is . . .”

Tips for Submitting a Question

  • Please speak clearly and try to reduce any background noise.
  • Please keep your question concise an no more than one minute in length.
  • If you have a company, or website, feel free to mention it, but only once during the recording.
  • Avoid using the real names of other people who have not consented to being mentioned publicly.
  • Spammy, disrespectful, or deeply private questions will not be considered.
  • Have fun!