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Angie’s List Pays for Itself in a Single Use

Written on October 4, 2013 by , updated on June 7, 2014

angies-list-2My wife likes to brag that I can fix almost anything.  I’m glad she thinks so highly of me but sometimes I only know enough to be dangerous :)

Sometimes it takes me longer, and costs me more money, than if I just hired a pro.  But that’s the cost of learning, right?!

I’m a handyman, but not a Pro

During my first 2 years of managing rentals, I was convinced that I didn’t need to research the contractors that I was hiring.  After all, I thought I knew enough about everything to supervise the quality of their work. Yes, I was over confident.

I also had built up a small list of trusted contractors, that I felt comfortable with, and used them frequently.  This was all well and good until my favorite contractors started getting more expensive jobs, and were too busy to take my service calls.

Who you gonna call?

Then one day, I needed help and didn’t know who to call.  Specifically, I needed a locksmith, and I needed it quickly.

So, I signed up for Angie’s List.

That was 6 months ago, and I’ve been using Angie’s List ever since.  Honestly, I don’t know how I lived without it.   I had known about the review site for a long time, and knew that it could help me find a reputable contractor in almost any industry, but… I was being cheap, and I didn’t want to pay $22/year for the service.

If I could go back in time, I would have signed up sooner. When I looked up “locksmiths” in my area, I found multiple options with an A+ rating, and glowing reviews.  The top vendor even had a 20% off coupon exclusively for Angie’s List members. Perfect. So I called and made an appointment.

Conclusion: It pays for itself!

After the locksmith performed his magic, the bill was $190, minus 20% ($38).  So, you see, by using Angie’s List, I not only hired a reputable contractor, but the savings from the exclusive coupon covered the cost of my membership!   It paid for itself in one use!

I highly recommend Angie’s List for every Landlord and Property Manager.

A Great Mobile App

They even have a fantastic mobile app (itunes, android), so you can find contractors on the go!

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