Tip #14

Accurately Describe the Property

Written on October 28, 2012 by , updated on June 8, 2014

accurately-describe-propertyWhen creating a rental advertisement, you should try to describe the property as accurately as you can.

If the property is 1.5 miles from the nearest bus stop, don’t say it is “close to public transportation” without being very specific.

When it comes to square footage, you have to be exact! If your unit is 986 sq. ft, it would be incorrect to say it is 1,000 sq ft. Subsequently, you can be sued for false advertising, and your tenants could potentially break the lease without any consequences under the same grounds.

Your best chance at finding quality tenants is to accurately describe the best qualities about the property, and post plenty of pictures.

I knew a landlord who thought his property resembled the style of Frank Lloyd Wright’s architecture.

In his advertisements, he would call it “the Frank Lloyd Wright house” because that’s what he called it in his head. He was amazed at how much attention his advertisement received. However, you can imagine how irritated/angry the potential tenants were when they found out it was not a house legitimately designed by Frank Lloyd Wright.

When advertising my properties, I post dozens of pictures to my Google+ page, but Shutterfly or Flickr are excellent options too.

If you are tech savvy enough, try making a quick video of your property, and post it online with the pictures.

Tenants really love doing a “walk-through” without actually having to drive to the property. Plus, it filters the tenants so the only folks that actually want see the property in person are those that are seriously interested.

photo credit: x-ray delta one via cc
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